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Male Sex Toys Guide

Male Sex Toys Guide

Toys for Boys:

Great sex products for men

Written by M. Lyons, H&A Staff Writer


Ok men, let's get down to business. Women seem to have all of the fun with sex toys, don't they? When your girl is in the bedroom, pleasuring herself with a Rabbit Vibrator, what are you doing? Men, you deserve just as much sexual pleasure as women do. Whether you're in there enjoying yourself with her (either through mutual masturbation or intercourse), or spending some quality time with yourself, there are plenty of toys that could give you great satisfaction.


But of course, the obvious question is what to get? Well that's what we're here to learn and find out. We're going to discuss several products that are geared to help men enjoy themselves sexually. These products can be used alone or with a partner, but these toys all will offer great stimulation and pleasure for the man.


The first thing we have to understand men, before we go any further, is the number of erogenous zones you actually have. No, it's not just your nipples and penis! There are plenty of places on your body that if properly massaged, caressed and given attention you could find yourself feeling more aroused than you ever did before. Let's spend a couple of minutes learning where some of the erogenous zones are:


The perineum is that area of skin in between your balls and your anus. Believe it or not, that's an area that's worth exploring. Since it's on the outside, near your P-Spot, pressure or attention to this area during ejaculation could result in very intense ejaculations. If your partner just pressed on this area, you could find yourself pleasantly surprised.


Speaking of P-Spots, women -- and their G-Spot -- aren't the only ones with an elusive area that makes their sex more stimulating and satisfying. Men, you also have a spot like that (and again, it's not your penis). The male P-spot is located inside of your anus. If your partner, inserted a finger into your anus and did a "come here" motion they would be grazing your P-Spot and you'd be shooting like a geyser… Old Faithful indeed.


Men can also find pleasure if they are stimulated on their neck, behind their ears, nipples, penis, or balls. Masturbation allows you to find out where these specific areas are. Then, when you're with your partner, you can point out these areas to her and then watch the fireworks explode.


So now that you understand that much, let's dive now into some products that you could use for great stimulation (and yes, some of these products do involve your penis):


Optimum MasturbatorOptimum Masturbator: If you've given up on products like the Fleshlight, then the Optimum Masturbator should give you a newfound love. The OM gives a vibration sensation and has a realistic texture that makes you feel like you're getting an actual blow job or having lifelike intercourse.


Aneros Prostate MassagerAneros Prostate Massager: Yeah, after knowing that the prostate intensifies orgasms, you want to get right to it, correct? Then pick up an Aneros Massager and letthe games begin. The Aneros is specifically designed to stimulate directly onto the prostate. With a little lube, you place it inside of your anus and let it go to work.  But how's this for amazing, while it's stimulating you on the inside, the handles are stimulating you on the outside. With all of that going on, it'll be hard (pun intended) to hold back your excitement with this in use.


Hustler Cyberskin DollHustler Cyberskin Doll: Now, earlier in the article I asked what you would be doing if your girl was pleasuring herself with a Rabbit? That of course assumed that there currently was a girl to speak of. If you are in-between partners then you could try the Hustler Cyberskin Doll. She's already set for whatever you wish to do with her. She has three openings: mouth, vagina and anus. All of these openings are ready and willing to do as you please. No one has to know, you can give her a name, a background and just tell people that you have a very cooperative girlfriend.


Pussy StrokerPussy Stroker: Here's a masturbator worth mentioning. It's a product that actually gives you the lifelike feel of a vagina. For some guys, this deletes the need for dinner, phone calls and foreplay. They can just get right to the point. The Pussy Stroker is 5 inches in length and ribbed for extra stimulation. You can also check out a video about the stroker, where our sexy girl tells you why it's such a wonderful product to pick up.


Anal ChainThe Anal Chain: If stimulating your prostate has helped you to discover how much fun anal play can be, then keep that fun going with a hot set of anal beads. All you have to do is place them inside and then pull them out, slowly, one by one. Imagine the fun you and your partner would have if each of you had a set of anal beads to use on each other.


Doggie Style StrapThe Doggie Style Strap: Wait… the doggie style strap as a toy for boys? You bet! Most men enjoy the doggie style position for the sense of control that it gives them. Your hands are firmly placed on your partner's butt while you continue to thrust deeply from behind. It's a highly arousing and wonderful experience; however, men also know that with great power comes great responsibility (or something like that). In any event, being in this position for too long can cause the back to strain up. Since we want you have great toys then consider the strap. It allows you to get a good hold on your partner without putting much of your back into the equation. The result is a long, harder and deeper penetration. You use something like this and she may forget about the Rabbit in the drawer.


Screaming O Plus Cock RingScreaming O Plus Cock Ring: Men, when you are having that great erection, a good cock ring can help you maintain it for longer periods of time. As you know, when you're aroused blood fills inside of your penis helping to cause erections. A cock ring, slows the release of this blood causing your penis to remain harder longer. This allows to maintain sexual intercourse for a longer period of time. The Screaming O, in particular, is a cock ring that also vibrates. So now your partner will be calling YOU her Rabbit.


Toys such as these can make male intimacy more fun and exciting. Whether it's through mutual stimulation with a partner, or toys for alone time, male toys are good for solid stimulation.


This article was written by a writer who actually has nothing against the Rabbit Vibrator, but Sex and the City made that a popular toy for women. Yet, what about men and what about our needs? We want satisfaction too and these products will help us get there!


Men, before you leave class, I have two books for recommended reading. One is Please a Man and the other is Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men. Both will give you great ideas on how to give yourself more fulfillment and sexual satisfaction.

Pussy Stroker
Pussy Stroker

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Sale price: $19.95
Aneros G-Spot Massager Kit
Aneros G-Spot Massager Kit

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The Doggie Style Strap
The Doggie Style Strap

Top Selling Rabbit Vibrator
Top Selling Rabbit Vibrator

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