If you wish to incorporate suction play into your sexual routine pick up the 12-Piece Deluxe Cupping Set. It gives you everything you need to enjoy a premium cupping experience. Choose a cup and place it onto your partner's skin. Use the air handle to create a suction sensation on your partner's skin. The Acu-Points, centered within the cups will provide great stimulation. You can then remove the handle and the cup will stay in place.

Specs: 12pc Deluxe Cupping Kit

  • Sizes: Includes 2 cups of each of the following inside diameters: 0.625", 1", 1.25", 1.625", 2" and 2.25".
  • There are 12 cups and one hand pump
  • Simply place the cup over the skin and create a gentle suction
  • Can be used for massage treatment or as part of a BDSM session
  • Note: Use care and caution to ensure maximum pleasure