This formula is a specialty blend of silicone and water-based. This way you get the benefits of each type without the weaknesses, and you can get 55 gallons of it! With water-based, you get ease of use, versatility, and easy clean-up. With silicone-based, you get the slickness and the ability to use the lube with silicone sex toys. The drum also includes a rotary pump handle. And, keep in mind, this makes for a great conversation starter.

Specs: 55 Gallon Passion Water-Silicone Hybrid Lubricant

  • Size: 55 gallons/ 208 liters
  • Weight: 482lbs
  • Note: Includes rotary pump.
  • The formula is a special blend of water-based and silicone-based
  • Water-based: Ease of use, versatility, and easy cleanup
  • Silicone-based: Extra slickness, and ability to use with silicone sex toys
  • Note: This item only ships within the United States