Aneros MGX, SGX Kit

Send your sexual pleasure to new plateaus with this complete Aneros kit.

You now have the opportunity to grab four of our best products, placed together in this fantastic set. You will receive: 1) An Aneros MGX, 2) An Aneros SGX, which is a smaller version of the MGX, 3) a Vibrating Bullet and 4) 2 oz of Passion Natural Water Based Lube

Each of these products are specially designed and crafted for the purpose of giving you what you want sexually. The Aneros for example is a patented and tested device that directly stimulates the prostate plexus of nerves, resulting in an unbelievable level of orgasmic sensations. This product is also known to increase a man's libido and vitality. The Aneros is anatomically designed and medically-patented, so you can be sure you're getting the best.

Now add to that a second Aneros device, to which all of the above descriptions apply and then include a silver bullet vibrator (which when attached to the Aneros take your stimulations to another level) and the Passion Lube, and you have a complete package that will guarantee long, fulfilling nights.

Each one of these items, separately, is first-rate for your sexual needs. However, you can now purchase them together and have one mind-blowing night of fantastic sex and glass-shattering orgasms.