Whether you clean out for health, as preparation for anal sex, or just because it feels good, this enema kit makes your anal douching experience more convenient than ever before. No more accidental messes during trips to and from the shower, while still receiving the same power and efficiency! Transform your commode into the most effective, convenient, and comfortable enema you’ve ever experienced. To install, turn off your water and attach the dual control valve to the water pressure valve at the base of your toilet. This easy-to-use control allows you to adjust how much water is permitted into the steel hose. Screw on the water control valve and the penetrating nozzle to the opposite end of the hose. The slider gives you complete control of the pressure and amount of water that flows into your asshole. Finally, a holder for the nozzle attaches to any side of the toilet you prefer with a hanging hook so that it’s always ready for your use! The silicone nozzle easily hooks up to the toilet enema system. The soft material is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, with a supple flexibility that curves with your body, for maximum comfort and ease of use.

Toilet Enema System with 10 Inch Silicone Nozzle details:

  • Measurements: Hose is 60 inches in length. Original nozzle is 2.75 inches in length, .35 inches in diameter. Silicone nozzle is 10 inches in length, 0.6 inches in width.
  • Material: Silicone, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic.
  • Note: Includes 2 nozzle attachments, 1 silicone and 1 steel, dual control valve, hose, water flow valve, nozzle, hanging hook, attachment holder, 2 screws, 2 screw fasteners, and 2 caps.
  • Clean after use with mild soap or toy cleaner. Do not use with silicone lubricants only water based.