Redefine the gift of jewelry with this matching set for Dom and sub. You hold more than just the key to your plaything's heart. This heavy-duty, chain-link bracelet (or anklet) has a locking clasp that ensures your submissive partner wears a symbol of your power over them at all times. It's sophisticated design allows them to wear it discreetly in public. Meanwhile, a dainty necklace bears the key to the locking clasp, your own symbol of power to carry upon your chest. The heart-shaped key is adorned with a single glittering rhinestone, forming a lovely charm that no one will know the true use and meaning of except for you and your plaything.

Chained Locking Bracelet and Key Necklace specifications:

  • Measurement: Necklace chain is 17 inches in length. Bracelet is 7.8 inches in length.
  • Material: Titanium steel
  • Note: Includes bracelet and necklace