A Unique Gift

Give a gift that the recipient will never forget. Get the Clone A Willy Kit to make an authentic rubber copy of your penis! Clone A Willy is perfect for a gag gift or to leave your partner tantalized for the real thing. Making a copy of your penis is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

    1. Mix the molding powder with water.
    2. Insert penis into the water.
    3. Wait several minutes and then slide out.
    4. Mix in the rubber mix and wait until the mix hardens.
    5. Enjoy an exact replica of your man anytime!

The Clone A Willy Kit is the safest way to make a copy of your penis. You're sure to make the recipient laugh and wish he or she could have a penis like yours! The classic kit has been around for years and has been making for memorable gifts ever since. Clone your willy now with the Clone A Willy Kit.