This 3-in-1 restraint set contains a luxurious vegan-friendly collar with three D-rings, two sturdy cuffs with a D-ring each, and connector chains for the cuffs and collar. The material is durable, secure, and contains comfortable padding so that you can keep your little slut chained up and at your will for as long as you want! However, the true appeal of this set is the elegant aesthetic: duotone material, brass coated hooks, and gold accented embellishments create a sophisticated piece of equipment that will last through many play sessions.

Coax Collar to Wrist Restraints details:

  • Measurements: Collar adjusts from 12 to 21 inches in circumference. 2.5 inches in width. Cuffs adjust from 6 to 9.5 inches in circumference. 2.5 inches in width. Wrist connector chain is 6.5 inches in length. Collar connector chain is 17 inches in length.
  • Material: PU leather, metal.