Increase the size and sensitivity in your entire package, with a cylinder that is wide enough to allow you to pump both you cock and balls at the same time! With our most effective and popular hand pump, you can watch the pressure gauge as your shaft and scrotum expand to fill the cylinder, becoming increasingly sensitive as they're sucked in. Easily create a tight seal around your cock and balls and feel yourself get harder with each pump. The cylinder is designed to retain pressure, even after the pump is removed, with the valve at the top which clicks open and closed for a strong seal and comfortable release.

Cock and Ball Deluxe Penis Pumping Kit details:

  • Measurements: 11 inches in total length, 2.75 inches in diameter
  • Material: Acrylic, metal
  • Note: Kit includes cock and ball cylinder and metal hand pump
  • If you need a smaller cylinder, consider one of our other deluxe pumping kits