Treat yourself and/or your partner to elextrosex through 4 safe, flexible, and durable silicone attachments. Personalize your eStim when you any of these to your Violet Wand, instantly introducing new sensations. The mushroom-shaped accessory provides focused shocks from its smooth, flat face as you glide it along the flesh. The comb has nine teeth for individual zaps of pain and pleasure as it brushes down an arm or up a thigh. The trident features 3 pointed prongs to wickedly tease and torment with shocking bliss. Finally, the flogger can caress or slap for many jolts of electrostimulation as each fall hits its target! This set is great for travel or getting wild at home.

Extreme Twilight eStim Accessory Kit specifications:

  • Measurements: Trident is 6.25 inches in length. Mushroom is 4.5 inches in length. Comb is 8.25 inches in total length. Flogger is 14 inches in length.
  • Material: Silicone, aluminum.
  • Note: Compatible with Zeus Twilight Violet Wand, sold separately.
  • Includes four Violet Wand accessories.