With the flip of a switch you'll be able to divert the flow of water from your shower head to your enema hose, controlling the pressure and temperature. You can even shower and douche at the same time! To install, unscrew your shower head and replace with the Diverter. You can then attach your shower head to the Diverter, and get ready for an anal cleansing unlike any other! This kit also includes a smooth, deep penetrating nozzle, with bumps for your pleasure, as well as the 79 inch hose.

CleanStream Flow Control Deep Cleansing Kit details:

  • Measurements: Tip: 9 inches in length, 1.15 inches in diameter. Hose: 79 inches in length; Switch: 2.5 inches in height, 2.4 inches in width
  • Material: Zinc alloy, copper, PVC
  • Note: Kit comes with hose, switch, and deep cleansing nozzle