This voluptuous vixen is desperate for to give you oral, vaginal, and anal sex anytime and in any position you desire! Introducing the next generation of sex dolls! Modern innovations in material and design have generated lifelike skin and features that make these dolls almost indistinguishable from real women. Perfect balance in core structure even allows her to stand upright on her own! Enjoy exploring all three of her orifices, expertly created with details that will shock you with their realism. Khloe's poseable body and arms ensure that she does whatever you want like a good girl... but she really just wants to be bad! Feel the softness of her lips, watch her D-cup breasts bounce as you thrust into her, and give her tight booty a little squeeze. Whether you are making love or getting dirty, you'll always have a hot young thing to fulfill your every fantasy.

Use only water-based lubricants when penetrating your pleasure doll. To achieve a realistic body temperature, Tiffany's body can be soaked in warm water prior to play. Clean her surface and all orifices before and after use with a toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Between uses, ensure that she is dry, powdered, and stored without anything on top of her.

NextGen Khloe Ultra Premium Love Doll specifications:

  • Measurements: 60 inches in height. 33.7 inch bust, 20.9 inch waist, 36.4 inch hips.
  • Material: TPE.
  • Note: Clothing is not included.