Engage in hotter, more exciting sex with a sling and stand that allow you to turn any room into an impromptu sex dungeon. This kit includes a sturdy, steel stand that is easy to assemble and has 5 welded rings that can suspend a standard sex swing, as well as the included sling. This sling is lined in luxurious leather and has a pillow and adjustable stirrups that provide the ultimate comfort, even during vigorous activity. This kit also includes the chains and carabiners to hang up the sling. Set-up is so easy that you'll be ready for action in less than a half-hour! When you're done, the sling wipes off easily and the stand breaks down quickly for convenient storage.

Extreme Sling and Swing Stand specifications:

  • Measurements: Assembled stand is approximately 82 inches tall with a footprint of 85 x 58 inches at the base. Sling is 38 inches in length, 21 inches in width.
  • Material: Leather, metal, steel.
  • Note: Weight limit of 400 pounds. Includes stand, 4 chains, 8 spring snap clips, leather sling, and 2 removable stirrups. 4 rings are welded to the stand, as well. Standard sex swing is compatible, but not included.