This bondage restraint kit comes with H-shaped straps that go underneath the mattress (designed for any sized bed). You can then secure the wrists and ankles of your partner. The cuffs are made of a comfortable Neoprene and secure using heavy-duty Velcro. Swivel clips attach the cuffs to straps underneath the mattress.

Specs: Pink Bedroom Restraint Kit

  • Size: Four restraint straps and connector strap adjust up to approx. 48 inches in length, cuffs adjustable up to approx. 16 inches around
  • Contents: 4 cuffs and 1 H-shaped restraint strap
  • Material: Neoprene, Velcro, nylon, and metal
  • Color: Pink
  • Transform your bed into a bondage fantasy
  • Connector strap adjusts to fit any size mattress
  • Versatile so you can create multiple restraint positions