Experience the luxurious sensation of a glass anal insertion! This beautiful shatter-resistant wand allows you to take a firm grasp of the textured hilt while you slowly sink each of the three bulbs into your anus, savoring the subtle stretch. Each rock-solid link will pop into you, delivering a jolt of pleasure as you slide more of the Saber up your hole. You can even use the handle as a second dildo to appreciate a massage from the bold spirals. Use hot or cold water to change the temperature of of your anal exploration. This attractive material is non-porous, non-allergenic, and compatible with all types of lubricant.

Saber Anal Links Glass Thruster specifications:

  • Measurements: 10.5 inches in total length, 6 insertable. 1 inch in diameter at tip, 1.85 in diameter at widest point.
  • Material: Borosilicate glass.