Enjoy putting your partner into this special Sado chastity device. While it does the basic functions of a chastity device (keeping him from achieving a full complete erection), this chastity also provides a bit of a sting, thanks to the set of spikes that surround the inner ring. The chastity device is breathable, meaning that it doesn't fully contain the penis to the point of non-visibility. There's also space for the man to urinate or ejaculate. Made of high quality silicone, this instrument is completely hypoallergenic and body-safe. Clean and sanitize easily and effectively with mild soap and water.

Sado’s Spiked Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Details:

  • Measurements: 4 inches in total length. Inside circumference of ring is 6.5 inches. Cock chamber measures 1.25 inches in diameter.
  • Material: Silicone, ABS, metal.
  • Note: Lock and 2 keys included.