Use Sir's Restraint Kit to make sure your partner is right where you want them. Secure them to the bed with the tie restraint; wrap it nice and tight around their wrists. Then use the satin blindfold to remove their sense of sight; heighten their anticipation for your every move. Finally, work them over with the hand flogger, placing impact on their skin and showing them who has the control.

You can pack them into a bag and take them with you on that pleasure trip or quick getaway. Bring the bondage to your next destination.

Specs: Sir's Restraint Kit

  • Size: Flogger: 13.5 inches in total length, falls measure 9.5 inches in length; Tie: 60 inches in length, 3.75 inches at widest point; Blindfold: 7.25 inches in width, 3.25 inches tall
  • Material: Pleather, polyester, satin
  • Color: Black
  • Turn your bedroom into a bondage playground for both of you
  • Restrain them to the bed, take away their slight then impact their skin
  • Take this kit anywhere that you want
  • Note: Kit contains (1) flogger (1) tie and (1) blindfold