This leather ball stretcher, when wrapped around the scrotum, gives stimulating pleasure for men during sexual activity, especially cock and ball play. Having the balls pulled downward can be a stimulating feel for men since during sexual activity it is normal for the balls to retreat upward right before and during ejaculation. A ball stretcher will actually keep the testicles in place which gives enhanced sensations for men. These ball stretchers also include a D-ring on the side so that you can attach additional weight.

Specs: Leather Ball Stretcher

  • Material: Leather
  • Size: Small - 7" in length and 1.75" in width
  • Size: Large - 7.25" in length and 2.5" in width
  • Ball stretchers can be used during CBT play
  • When used during sex, they keep the testicles from retracting upward during ejaculation
  • An attached D-ring allows for the inclusion of additional weight for enhanced sensations
  • Each ball stretcher has 2 rows of 2 snaps (4 snaps total) for a comfortable fit around the scrotum