The Tag cuff set offers a variety of unique ways you and your partner can enjoy electrosex play. An electro stimulation egg offers two modes, an IN setting to be used to send electronic pulses to any part of the body you desire, or an OUT setting to bring the cuffs into play. When you connect the cuffs and egg put on cuff on your wrist and one cuff on your partner's wrist. Now, each touch, stroke, trace of finger will emit a light electro current. The cuffs come with adjustable Velcro closures that fit most size wrists. The egg controller provides power both to itself or to the cuffs.

Specs: Tag Electro Play Cuffs

  • Size: Cuffs fit wrists between 2 and 2.75 inches in diameter, 2.75 inches in width
  • Material: ABS, metal, PU leatherette
  • Color: Black
  • Note: Kit contains 2 cuffs, leads, and remote egg. Comes with battery.
  • Should be noted: Starburst graphic for illustrative purposes only
  • This set offers a variety of ways to enjoy estim play
  • Connect one cuff to you and one to your partner to create a gentle estim sensation with every touch