The Enhance Travel Pump System is an easy to use, compact system that will help men enhance the size and girth of their penis. The penis is easily placed into the cylinder. Then use the grip handle to create a suction around your shaft and as you pump, your cock will increase in size. When pumping is done, the (patent pending) quick release pull tab allows the cylinders to maintain suction even when the hose is detached. You can then use the included enhancer ring from the pump straight to your cock so you can maintain your new harder erection. You also get a a handy nylon travel bag for easy transport.

Enhance Travel Pump System Contents:

  • Nylon Travel Bag w/ Pull-Cord Closure
  • Removable air hose
  • Easy-Grip Handle
  • Threaded cylinders for secure assembly and compact storage
  • Tapered silicone insert
  • Silicone enhancer ring

    Specs: Enhance Travel Pump System

  • Size: Cylinder is approx. 9.5" in length with an inside diameter of 2.125" at the base that tapers to 1.75" at the middle
  • Size: Air Hose (20.5" in length)
  • Clear vacuum tube allows you to see what's happening at all times
  • (Patent Pending) quick release allows you to remove hose and maintain suction
  • Cylinders can nest into each other for more compact storage
  • Use the enhancer ring to maintain your new gains