Keep your female partner from being able to touch herself, vaginally, with this chastity belt. On the flip side, women can use this belt to limit the access that her partner has to her. The belt uses a two-strap system, that is highly adjustable for a secure fit. There's a strap that secures around the hips, and one that runs between the legs. Use the two, included, padlocks for extra security. The belt has a thin enough design that you could wear it out, underneath other clothing.

Specs: Adjustable Female Chastity Belt

  • Size: Fits waits between 25 and 35 inches in circumference; Bottom strap adjustable from 11 to 21 inches in length
  • Material: PU Leather, metal
  • Color: Black
  • Note: 2 padlocks included
  • Highly adjustable for secure fit (including 2 locks)
  • Has a thin enough profile that it can be worn under most clothing
  • Keeps your female partner from stimulating herself vaginally
  • Women, you can also use this to restrict your partner's access to you vaginally