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In business since 1999, and serving over 500,000+ customers (and counting), our mission is to provide you with information & products that help you to have a healthy and active sex life. Everything from the articles to the sex toys to the US based live customer service (available by chat, phone or email) are chosen to provide you with the three essential reasons to shop here:

Selection, Value & Customer Service.

We pride ourselves on giving you a great selection of the hottest products at competitive prices with outstanding customer service. It is our goal that you enjoy a discreet and efficient shopping experience.

Selection: We carry over 3,000 sex toys & pleasure products for you to choose from. Every product presented in our store is carefully selected so that you can feel confident that you're picking the right product for your particular sexual experience.

Value: With everyday low prices & discounts we always provide a good value to you. When you add in our low-price guarantee as well as 100% satisfaction guarantee you have every reason to shop with confidence. 

Your Purchases are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All orders are shipped & billed discreetly & most orders ship within 1 business day.

Customer Service: Our full time dedicated US staff are expert with a vast body of knowledge relating to sex toys and other products that we carry. Ongoing training as well as hands on familiarity with our products mean our customer service staff are prepared to help you.

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We believe that your ideal online sex toy shopping experience is an end-to-end journey. From the moment you begin searching for products to the checkout process to the delivery of your goods, we aim to have an informative, relaxed and convenient atmosphere.

No matter your sexual preference, we believe every sexual experience can be a safe, consensual and confident event. We appreciate you stopping by our store and invite you to continue taking a look around. Who knows: what you find here may allure and entice you, just like what could happen when you use it could delight and surprise you.


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