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One of the most popular types of products available, at Healthy & Active, have been wand massagers. Wand massagers can be had a various sizes, but they can offer intense stimulation. The addition of attachments means that wand massagers don't need to be just a "woman's product." Men can use the attachments for masturbation, testicle stimulation and more.

We've asked Aiden Starr and Jenna Sativa to discuss more on the benefits and use of wand massagers. Check it out.

If you want to purchase a wand massager, for yourself, click here.

Give your sex life a little impact!

Has your partner been a little naughty? Needs a little discipline?  Impact play can be a great way to add a little spice to your sex life. However, before you start thwacking and hoping for the best, let Aiden Starr and Jenna Sativa tell you a little more about impact play, and how it works. 

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Weird-gasms – 13 of the Weirdest Spontaneous Orgasms – Part 2

Crazy, Wild, Amazing, OMG, Wierd-Gasms This is the 2nd part of the my article on the weirdest orgasms ever... So, if you missed the first one go back to the blog ;)This is a Shower-Gasm and could possibly exist.  Orgasms in the shower definitely can happen, just saying... Okay, so where were we before I was rudely [...]

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Weird-gasms – 13 of the Weirdest Spontaneous Orgasms – Part 1

Strange-Gasms... Weird-Gasms... Spontaneous Orgasms... And, Extragenital Orgasms... Oh Yeah!  There are many types orgasms that are possible, and then there are some that seem impossible, even ludicrous.  But all these orgasms have actually been documented.  Believe it or not?!! There are orgasms, and then there are weird Orgasms.“Normal” orgasms are caused by sexual stimulation of some kind.Weird Orgasms (more [...]

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The Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms – Yes, These Are Real - Part 2

The Top 7 More Types of Female Orgasms! Image above from BeautifulAgony So, in Part 1 of this article I showed you the 1st 7 of the Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms.  If you missed it, check out the back-blog. Now, without further ado, here are the next 7 Type Types of Female Orgasms, you didn't know [...]

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The Top 14 Types of Female Orgasms – Yes, These Are Real - Part 1

How Many Types of Female Orgasms Are There Anyway? Um... Lots... When I was a Budding Sexologist Image above from BeautifulAgony There was a time, when I thought there was only one (possibly two) types of female orgasms.We had the clitoral orgasm, or old faithful, which most girls figure out how to get on their own, and then maybe vaginal, which according to [...]

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Guide to the Wonderful Wild World of Female Orgasms

All About Female OrgasmsAll Images in this article by Albert Pocej, in which he documented women at the peak of orgasm! - http://www.pocej.com Hello my orgasm pleasure seeker and welcome to the Wonderful, Wild and often Whacky World of Female Orgasms.Step right up and sit yourself down, because you are about to be wholly entertained, educated and amazed. Yes, [...]

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Meet the Passion Pillow Universal Harness

This pillow harness is exactly what you think it is. It allows you to attach your favorite wand massager, so you can grind and hump your way to amazing pleasure. Want one for yourself? It's only $19.95.

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Healthy and Active’s Guide to Strap-ons

Healthy and Active’s Guide to Strap-ons So you want to try strap-ons? Awesome!You’ve come to the right place to learn all about strap-ons, how to choose the right one for you and how to use them. Strap-on sex toys are not only toys for lesbians, although many lesbians do enjoy them as well.They can be used by both men and [...]

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Bend Over Boyfriend and the Art of Pegging

Bend Over Boyfriend and the Art of Pegging You have probably heard of “pegging” before, which is why you have found this page.Maybe you are interested in knowing what it is, or would even like to explore this with your partner. Cool!Because, we are here to give you all the information you need to get started. What is Pegging? Wikipedia says that, [...]

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