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Low Sex Drive, High Sex Drive Mismatch

When you're in a relationship, how do you keep your sex life...alive? It's not always as simple as spicing things up with some kinky bondage gear (although that can certainly help). Frequently a difference in sex drives can be the cause of unrest in the bedroom..

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Simple exercises for a better sex life!

Want to know how to get a tighter pussy, wetter pussy, and enjoy better orgasms with only a few minutes of effort each day? Okay, that was a rhetorical question - of course you do!We’ve put together a comprehensive kegel guide that covers such topics as: What are kegel exercises? Why do them? How to [...]

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In Wake of Garnier Scandal, We’re Offering Free Shipping to UK Ministers & Government Officials

All members of the UK government, including members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and Ministers will now be granted free shipping on sexual health and pleasure products from Healthy and Active following the wake of the Mark Garnier scandal.Conservative MP Garnier admitted on Sunday that he had given an assistant money to purchase [...]

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The horniest zip codes in America.

We know a thing or two about sex toy sales.  Especially about US sex toy sales. We analyzed the zip codes that order the most sex toys, and what they order the most. What we found was shocking to us.  Read about the horniest zip codes in America.

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Are Men Finally Realizing Benefits of Prostate Massage?

Prostate stimulation, whether for pleasure or health, has traditionally been one of the most stigmatized aspects of male sexuality. Few men — well, straight men, anyway — will cop to experimenting with massagers or other prostate play. Unfortunately, due to stigma and shame, many who are interested are afraid to experiment, or even ask questions about how it might help [...]

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Give your prostate some love.

Whether or not you have experienced the joys of a prostate orgasm, it’s worth thinking about your prostate. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and-- no wait, don’t go anywhere! We promise this isn’t what you think. Here at Healthy and Active, we prefer to keep anal exploration sexy and fun, so before you start imagining your doctor’s face and the [...]

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The Power and Pleasure of Wand Massagers

One of the most popular types of products available, at Healthy & Active, have been wand massagers. Wand massagers can be had a various sizes, but they can offer intense stimulation. The addition of attachments means that wand massagers don't need to be just a "woman's product." Men can use the attachments for masturbation, testicle [...]

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Give your sex life a little impact!

Has your partner been a little naughty? Needs a little discipline?  Impact play can be a great way to add a little spice to your sex life. However, before you start thwacking and hoping for the best, let Aiden Starr and Jenna Sativa tell you a little more about impact play, and how it works. 

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Weird-gasms – 13 of the Weirdest Spontaneous Orgasms – Part 2

Crazy, Wild, Amazing, OMG, Wierd-Gasms This is the 2nd part of the my article on the weirdest orgasms ever... So, if you missed the first one go back to the blog ;)This is a Shower-Gasm and could possibly exist.  Orgasms in the shower definitely can happen, just saying... Okay, so where were we before I was rudely [...]

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Weird-gasms – 13 of the Weirdest Spontaneous Orgasms – Part 1

Strange-Gasms... Weird-Gasms... Spontaneous Orgasms... And, Extragenital Orgasms... Oh Yeah!  There are many types orgasms that are possible, and then there are some that seem impossible, even ludicrous.  But all these orgasms have actually been documented.  Believe it or not?!! There are orgasms, and then there are weird Orgasms.“Normal” orgasms are caused by sexual stimulation of some kind.Weird Orgasms (more [...]

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