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Healthy and Active’s Guide to Strap-ons

So you want to try strap-ons? Awesome!You’ve come to the right place to learn all about strap-ons, how to choose the right one for you and how to use them.

Strap-on sex toys are not only toys for lesbians, although many lesbians do enjoy them as well.They can be used by both men and women (and couples) in hetero and gay relationships, as well as transgendered people.

Guys may want to use a strap-on if they have erectile dysfunction, or have trouble maintaining a hard-on.They also may want to use one to give their partner double penetration in the anus and vagina at the same time.

Ladies can enjoy strap-on wielding too, whether with their female partner as the Top, or with their male partner for pegging (you can check out our Guide to Pegging for more tips on how to do that).

Transgendered people may also want to use a strap-on for all the same reasons above.

Strap Ons for Guys and Trans-men

Strap ons for guys are like penis sleeves or hollow strap-ons that slip over the penis, using a harness to hold it in place and keep it sturdy during sex.They are ideal for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or who have trouble maintaining stamina.

The Hollow Silicone Strap-on is a very sturdy strap-on that can be used for vaginal and anal penetration. It features comfortable wide elastic straps that are adjustable, a realistically veined dildo, with 6” insertable depth.

Guys can also use a double penetration strap-ons like the Unity Strap On System, where they would slide their penis through one ring and then use a dildo for the second ring, to penetrate their partner both in the vagina and anus simultaneously.

Trans-men may want to use the same types of strap-ons as those above. There are also packing dildos for trans-men to make them feel and look like they have more of a package beneath their jeans.

These Packer Boxer Briefs are a comfortable and realistic way to where the Pecker Packer Penis, which looks and feels just like a real penis without an erection.Available in two sizes: 4 and 5 inches, and made out of soft TPR.

Strap Ons for Lesbians, Women and Trans-women

The majority of strap-ons were designed for female-gendered bodies.Which is great, because there are a lot to choose from!

Standard Harness and Dildos

The Standard Harness is just what it sounds like, a strap-on harness made of elastic straps, with an O-ring that holds a dildo.Most strap-on harnesses are adjustable and you can also buy O-rings separately to fit some strap-ons for larger sized dildos.

The Bodice Corset Style Strap On Harness is a sexy harness made of leatherette, with adjustable buckled straps and a lace up corset design in the back. The O-ring snaps in, so you can change it for larger sized dildos.This style of harness is comfortable and would work with any size dildo that has a flared base.Dildos sold separately.

The Vac-u-lock harness is a system type harness that features a harness, with dildos specifically made to attach (lock) onto the harness.This give the wearer a lot more control over the dildo.

The Leather Strap-on Harness with Plugs is the ultimate in strap-on harness systems as it includes removable vaginal and anal plugs set in the harness to stimulate the wearer.Compatible with all Vac-U-Lock dildos (not included).

Strap On Briefs are underwear style strap-ons that are made like a pair of comfortable underwear which have a hole and O-ring where you can attach the dildo.The advantage to these type of harnesses, is that they are very comfortable and easy to put on, as you don’t have to bother with a tangle of straps and worry about adjusting.Plus, they look cool and realistic, but are less sturdy than traditional style strap-ons.

The Mod Strap-on Style Harness with Built-in O-ring are a brief/boxer styled harness made of comfortable cotton.

Strapless Dildos

Strapless Dildos have a very unique design.They are constructed so women can wear them without a harness.Instead, they are made sort of like a double dildo with two ends.One end has a small bulb which inserts in the vagina for the wearer to hold by squeezing her PC muscle, and the longer dildo end is used for penetrating her partner.

This unique design enables the wearer to better feel the thrusting motions as she penetrates her partner.Plus, the bulb stimulates her g-spot at the same time so both partners can experience pleasure.

The only drawback is that you need to have a strong PC muscle to wield a strapless dildo, so using a harness with it when you a first learning can be helpful, and give the wearer more control.

The Feeldoe by Tantus

Feeldoe strapless dildos are a line of strapless strap ons made by quality sex toy designers Tantus.Their toys are molded from 100% body-safe silicone which is soft, yet very sturdy, hypoallergenic, phthalate free and waterproof.The Feeldoe comes in many different sizes depending on what you may like.Most of these strapless dildos come with a removable vibrator bullet to turn your Feeldoe into a vibrating sex toy.


So, that’s the deets on Strap-on Dildos.Make sure to check out these resources as well: Guide to Anal Pleasure for Beginners, Bend Over Boyfriend and the Art of Pegging and Guide to Anal Play for Couples for more information on using strap-ons for anal play.

Until next time, play safe and stay sexually healthy and active!

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