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Why Every Bedroom Needs a Blindfold

A blindfold is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add a little extra flavor to your sex life .

They come in a wide range of styles – from softest satin to luxurious leather, from little more than a sleep mask, to hardcore head-gear. Every couple (even the vanilla ones) should have at least one in their arsenal to instantly enhance an erotic experience. So just what can a blindfold really do?

Heighten Other Senses - When you are deprived of one sense, your others become more acute to compensate. Every sound, smell, taste, and of course, touch will be amplified to make up for the lack of sight with a blindfold. This makes it fun to play with sensual aromas or delicious foods, but it can also allow a whisper to anchor you in the moment, and cause a caress to feel electric.

Create Erotic Helplessness - The power dynamic instantly shifts when one partner loses vision, which can create a fun sexual scenario as your playmate steps into a more dominant role and you embrace vulnerability. However, what resides at the core of that experience is trust. As with all levels of BDSM (from very light to more intense), blindfolds allow you to explore and build trust with your partner .

Increase Anticipation - Without being able to see what is going on around you, everything your partner does will be a surprise. As you wait for them to punish or please you with kisses, pinches, spanks, and tickles, your body may become tight with erotic tension, waiting for release. You might only know what's coming when you hear a  vibrator buzzing or a flogger swishing through the air.

Ease Nerves - Whether it's a one-night-stand or you've been married decades, new territory makes everyone feel on unsteady ground. When trying something new, it's only natural for there to be some awkwardness distracting from the sensuality. By taking away one partner's sight with a blindfold, it allows the other to be more confident in their actions, unafraid of looking silly as they figure things out. Likewise, the blindfolded partner's nervousness may also be lessened as they become passive without their vision.

A blindfold may seem like such a simple accessory that it could hardly make that much difference in your sex life, but can literally change the intensity of your other senses, allow you to play with trust in your relationship, elevate sexual tension, and even make you feel less anxious while exploring your sexuality. It's important to find the right style for your shared desires, so make sure  check out all the options that Healthy & Active has to offer!

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