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Bound Goddess Drip Candle

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Little Fires to Light Up Your Sex Life

This candle is so beautiful it could be used as decoration, ambient light or for sexy wax play. The smooth, sleek form of a woman's torso bound with rope fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect as a gift for yourself or someone special. The candle is made out of synthetic wax. It's perfect for wax play and for those who are experienced or new! The low melting point means that the candle will melt quickly and easily so that you can begin dripping those hot drops of wax onto your partner's willing flesh as you proceed in a steamy scene together! Hold it 3 feet above and drip it on your submissive's tender body. Test out a small area of skin to see if there's any sensitivities or allergic reactions before covering other erogenous zones. For easy removal, use a scraping device (such as a plastic card) to scrape the wax off their body when done, spank it off with a flogger, comb it, use ice and water, scratch it off with nails, or use natural oils to massage into the skin and hydrate the skin while removing the wax. Keep the wax away from any mucous membranes, keep it outside of the body, and avoid eyes and hair. Make sure to keep the candle away from any flammable materials.

There are many ways to enjoy wax play. Take a class to find out how to have fun and stay safe! If you're new to wax play, set up a splash zone and lay down a towel or tarp to protect against wax spills. Test it on your arm or thigh first before trying it on your partner. Start high up and then get closer as you test out temperature and technique. Start by holding the candle 3 feet away from the body to drip wax. Blow out flame before pouring to reduce splashing. Layer the wax over the same spot to increase the intensity. Rub your hand over the wax drops in order to disperse heat.

Key Features

  • Stunning and Beautiful: This wax candle is the rope-tied torso of a woman and is so beautiful, you may not even want to burn it!
  • Low Melting Point: Melts easily so you can start playing soon after the wick is lit.
  • Synthetic Wax: This blend of synthetic waxes is designed for wax play scenes.
  • Unscented: Keep the temperatures low and the smells neutral with unscented candles!
  • Bound Goddess Drip Candle - Black Specs:

    Measurements: Overall: 4.7 inches Height x 3.1 inches Width x 2 inches Depth

    Materials: Synthetic wax, microcrystalline wax, hydrogenated styrene, mineral oil

    Burn time: Approximately 2-3 hours.

    Melting temperature: 118-122˚ F (48-50˚ C)

    Color: Black

    Note: Test wax on a small section of skin before trying on any erogenous zones to make sure you aren't allergic. Hold from 3 feet above to drip. Keep away from anything flammable!
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