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Clitoris Enhancement System

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Women use clitoral enlargement to enhance their sexual pleasure. A woman with a small clitoris, for example, can use this enhancement system to create a fuller clit which could receive more stimulation during intercourse. A woman with an already full sized clitoris could enlarge it further and increase her sensations and sensitivity. Not to mention that for some women the appearance of the larger clitoris can be appealing for both partners.

The Clitoris Enhancement System is designed to increase the size of the clitoris. With proper use, a woman may find sexual activity more pleasurable.

Enhancement System Features:

  • You receive three, durable cylinders of different sizes. Use the cylinders to determine how large you would like your clitoris to be.

  • Small: Flanged Opening: 1.0" - Tube: 0.5”
  • Medium: Flanged opening: 1.25" - Tube: 0.75"
  • Large: Flanged opening: 1.5" - Tube: 1.0"

  • Use the vacuum pump to enlarge your clitoris. The cylinders are Vac-U-Lock, which means that when you disconnect the pump the cylinder can maintain an air tight seal around your clit.
  • Use your new enlarged clit to increase the pleasure of sexual activity and/or masturbation.

    Bonus: As a special bonus, you'll receive a clitoral stimulator. You can use this bullet shaped vibrator to apply sensations to your clitoris for additional stimulations.

Clitoris Enhancement System
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