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Deluxe Power E-Stim Box Kit

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Pulsing Pleasure for Your Rod!

Take your pleasure up a notch with this Deluxe Power Box Kit! By adding in electrostimulation to your self-love sessions, you can stimulate the prostate and simulate orgasm just by placing the sticky silicone pads in the right place! Use the penis bands to get direct stimulation on your shaft and combine it with the pads or use them independently! With 8 different modes to choose from and sensations that you've never had before, this kit provides hours and hours of pleasure! Choose between features such as Acupuncture, Manipulation, Immunotherapy, Stroke, Weight Reducing, Massage, Cupping and Scraping. Use the timer function to choose how long you want to experience each setting. Use the penis bands and silicone pads separately or simultaneously to layer and intensify sensation! Play worry free knowing that this kit is also body safe with nickel-free, phthalate-free materials that are easy to clean. The box is battery operated. Use only with water-based lubricants or e-stim gels. To clean, wipe the power box with a toy cleaner and a damp cloth. Pat dry and store components in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and separated from other toys.

Place fresh AAA batteries in your power box so you can get full-power stimulation. Use e-stim gel or water-based lube and have it readily available. As you relax and set the scene, place the silicone pads one above the pelvic bone in front and the other behind, right above the buttocks. You connect them to the leads and the power box. Then you slip on the penis bands and connect them to leads. You try out both together, and then unplug one of the leads to switch it up and experience them separately. The 8 different styles of stimulation give you stimulation and electrifying pleasure that you've never had before! Your cock begins to drip with precum as you feel yourself teetering on the edge and staying there for longer than you thought possible. Before you know it you're blowing your load and gasping! To your surprise, the electricity invites you to keep going, even after you've reached your climax!

Key Features

  • Pulses of Pleasure: Get excited about 8 e-stim modes with 15 intensity levels to choose from! Kit includes 1 power box, 2 penis bands, 2 silicone pads, & 2 leads.
  • Penis Bands and Silicone Pads: Combine the bands and pads to use separately or together. Wear the penis bands to get stimulation directly on your shaft or place the sticky silicone pads below the waistline.
  • Unique Features and Settings: You've got 8 different modes to choose from! Explore Acupuncture, Manipulation, Immunotherapy, Stroke, Weight Reducing, Massage, Cupping and Scraping. You can also set the timer for specific durations of each setting.
  • Body Safe, Battery Operated, and Easy to Clean: Nickel-free, phthalate-free and body-safe to use with water-based lubricants or e-stim gels.
  • Deluxe Power Box Kit Specs:

    Measurements: Power box: 6 inches Length x 2.7 inches Width x 1.1 inches Height. Silicone pads: 1.75 inches Length x 1.75 inches Width. Penis bands adjust up to 7 inches circumference (unstretched).

    Materials: ABS plastic, silicone, elastic, metal

    Color: Black

    Note: Requires 3xAAA batteries (not included).
    Deluxe Power E-Stim Box Kit
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