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Swashbuckler Rope Flogger

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A Wicked Exploration of Swashbuckling Pain

This unique rope has a wonderful, old fashioned, swashbuckler feel to it. It takes after the whips used on naval vessels in the 1800's and has a wicked history behind it. This kinder version is perfect for those wanting to explore new ways of mingling pleasure with pain! This nylon rope whip flogger is perfect for those who want to diversify sensation and make impact play more interesting! The whip has 6 twisted tassels with knotted ends that fall in a dispersed pattern across your lover's backside. The handle is reinforced with a metal alloy core so it's easier to grip and control. It also doubles as a short cane for giving your partner a swift tap or correction. The rope itself is highly absorbent so you can play with adding water or other liquids to give your partner a wet flogging with heavier falls. Long long falls (tassels) give you 17 inches of length that allows you plenty of room for impact play. The falls are thuddy with a little bit of stinging sensation. Use the detachable ring to hang up your iwhip when not in use so it keeps its form and quality. Due to its absorbent nature, it's important to properly clean your rope after use, especially when it has come in contact with bodily fluids. Start by soaking the rope in a tub of water with mild detergent. Rinse using a rope washer or place directly into the washing machine. Washing rope in a top-loading washing machine is the easiest method. Let air dry.

Oh the wicked things you can do with rope… They go beyond just shibari! Not only is this 6 tailed whip a great impact play tool with 17 inch tassels that give you ample room to maneuver the implement at over a foot away, they also are semi-absorbent! Once you have set up the scene and gained consent, place your submissive against the bed, cross or horse, head down and hands braced. Their backside is bare and their back is exposed to you. As you caress your body, you feel the heat rising from their skin. You begin to land a few strikes, caressing them in between and reminding them to breathe. Before long, you see the red marks appear and you touch their skin again. As their skin turns pink with heat, you stop before bruising them but add a sinister twist. You take a rough exfoliator and rub it across their back making the skin raw. As you work to open their pores, you have the flogger soaking in a blend of acidic lemon juice. It might get a bit messy so you wring it out slightly and then begin to give them more of those devious, painful strikes to their backside. They work to control their breathing as the acidic sting of lemon juice enters their raw skin! No bruises, but lots of lovely pain… Afterwards, you make them drink the remaining lemon juice. Everytime they drink lemons or see them from now on, they think of those stinging sensations and your Dominance.

Key Features

  • Twisted Rope: These 6 twisted tassels of this rope whip flogger are perfect for beginners or advanced users alike!
  • Dispersed Impact: The knotted ends of each fall disperse in 6 different locations for impact play.
  • Rigid Handle: The rigid handle has a metal alloy core that keeps it firm and easy to control when gripped in your hand.
  • Detachable Ring: Use the detachable ring to hang up your flogger when not in use to preserve its form and quality.
  • Rope Whip Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 25 inches. Tassels length: 17 inches.

    Materials: Nylon, metal alloy

    Color: Brown

    Note: Keep away from extreme heat or fire; synthetic rope will melt or fuse together.
    Swashbuckler Rope Flogger
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