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Nylon Sex Sling

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Reach Great Heights of Pleasure Together!

Take your sexlife to new heights with this durable nylon sling! Ever wanted to try a pose that wasn't comfortable on a bed or couch? This sling helps you explore a whole new range of positions! Many positions are hard to get into but once you experience weightless sex you won't want to go back! Get at the perfect angle to hit your sweet spot by adjusting the straps so your legs can be up without any strain! This sling attaches to a hardpoint in the ceiling or beam or it can be attached to a sex sling stand. It's compatible with most stands. Use the detachable leg stirrups to use it in different ways. A total of 6 carabiners come with the sling to help you attach the sling to chains. Made to be durable and vegan friendly, this incredibly lightweight and strong nylon sling can hold up to 661 lbs! After use, spot clean as needed.

Set up your swing ahead of time to the sling stand of your choosing or connect it to the hardware already installed in a ceiling or beam. Test it out by sitting in it and moving around. Then when you know it's set up and safe, invite your partner to join! Help them up and adjust the height for both of you. Your partner's hips should be at the level of your hips so you can easily thrust into them. If you want to give them oral or fist them, adjust for a higher or lower height. Use restraints if you like. Try including nipple clamps, vibrators, ball gags or other toys to make it more exciting, or you can simply enjoy rocking and swinging while one of you is weightless and receiving deep, penetrative pleasure so you can hit the deepest spots!

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Durable Nylon: With nylon as the material, you have a vegan-friendly, lightweight and durable option for your sex swing that still holds up to 661 lbs (300 kg)!
  • Removable Stirrups: Stirrups can be used or taken off as needed.
  • Carabiners Included: This swing set includes 6 carabiners that can attach to the chains or connective points on a sex swing stand.
  • Swing Stand Compatible: This swing is compatible with most swing stands.
  • Nylon Sling Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 35.5 inches. Width tapers from 11 inches to 35 inches at the widest point. Stirrups length: 20 inches.

    Weight Capacity: Holds up to 661 lbs (300kg)

    Materials: Nylon, metal

    Color: Black, metal

    Note: Stand and chains not included. For a stand consider the Trinity Sex Swing Stand.

    Nylon Sex Sling
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