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Anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, even Easter... gift-giving holidays can be a source of stress as you scramble to figure out what to get your partner or friends, who suddenly seem to have everything. The best gifts are unique, with lasting value. No one wants another lotion set to re-gift, and although flowers are a nice gesture, they're wilted within a week.


If you're wondering what to get your partner or friend that will stand out against the rest of their holiday and Christmas gifts this year and provide endless enjoyment, ditch the mall crowds and give them a gift that keeps on giving: sex toys!


Sure, this might be something you've considered or even given to your partner on your Anniversary or V-Day. You may have laughed with your girlfriends when you gave a bride-to-be a vibrator. However, with the holiday season upon us, why not explore some of the great reasons to keep sex toys among your gift ideas for women and men.


Unique Gifts for Her and Him

Whether they're on the Naughty or Nice list, give your significant other a wicked little toy that will make them feel oh-so-good. The best thing about giving the gift of pleasure to your lover is that you get to enjoy it as well!


For the bad girls and bad boys, treat them to a little discipline with a set of bedroom restraints or an impact play toy. Holidays provide a great opportunity to get fantasy toys and gear that you might not have felt comfortable bringing home in the middle of the year. It's always important to communicate your desires to your partner, and a flirty collar or set of nipple clamps can be an exciting way to break the ice and make things a little bit more kinky.


On the other hand, it says a lot more about how 'nice' you are when you give your lover a toy that they can use with you and without you. Show them that you care about their pleasure, even when you aren't there to appreciate it. Another great reason to gift your partner with a sex toy is that they'll think of you every time they use it!


Best Gifts for Women

Whether you wait until the last minute or get all your shopping done on Black Friday, finding the perfect holiday and Christmas gifts for her isn't easy... but it can be done! If you have a female partner, that gift could be a petite clitoral vibe for the sex toy novice, a quality rabbit vibe for those who can never get enough, or a powerful massage wand for the one who has everything.


Circling back around to something a little naughty and nice that you can use with your female partner, fulfill your wildest fantasies with a set of vibrating panties! Use them at home to turn boring chores into foreplay, or get a little kinky and wear them out to dinner or a dance club! No one will know that you have a remote control in your pocket, giving you complete power over your lover's pleasure! Explore options that provide internal, external, and dual stimulation.


Best Gifts for Men

Finding unique gifts for men and male-bodied people doesn't have to be difficult. For a male partner, strokers are always a safe bet. A Tenga Egg makes an excellent stocking stuffer, whereas an automatic male masturbator provides the "wow" factor that you may be looking for this year. Remember these are gifts that you can use with your partner as well! If your lover has discovered the intense pleasure of the male G-spot, get them a prostate massage tool or an anal vibrator that they can wear during masturbation or sex!


Ready to take things to the next level (maybe you're already there)? A strap-on is both intimate and exciting, but you will want to communicate thoroughly before taking the plunge to ensure that it's something you're both comfortable with. There are great beginner strap-on kits for first time anal play, but if you're already a pegging enthusiast, check out some of the more intense strap-on options.


Best Gifts for Friends

Who says a sex toy is a gift you can only give your partner? You know your best friend deserves a little something-something to help them through the holidays... and well beyond. Remember that your favorite accessory may not necessarily do the trick for everyone, so although 'The Rabbit' is a common household word since Sex & the City, and prostate toys are clearly all the rage these days, you don't want to turn your friend off of sex toys entirely by getting them something that will intimidate them.


If you haven't discussed the ins and outs of sex toys with them before, it can be best to start with a bullet or egg vibrator or a stroker. It doesn't have to be weird! Just a simple, "Girl, you NEED this in your life," or, "Hey bro, you gotta try this." It's a great gift for someone who has a sense of humor, but don't mistake it for a gag gift. They'll use it!


With the holidays fast approaching, you don't want to waste your money on a gift that isn't going to thrill. When you give the gift of pleasure to your partner, it gives back! Not only can you use it with them, making it a gift for yourself as well, but they will think of you each time they use it on their own. It can be equally difficult to find a unique gift for your friend, particularly something that will be useful. Sex toys are an easy way to bring a smile to anyone's face and let them know you care about their quality of life!


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