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The Top 10 Sex Toys World-Wide!

Ever wonder what everyone is so excited about in the bedroom? You might be missing out if you haven't tried some of these! Check out the Top 15 Sex Toys rated worldwide and discover something new to bring to the bedroom! Whether you are a man, woman or nonbinary, there's something here for everyone!


One of the most popular sex toys for women (and men), these stimulate any erogenous and sensitive zone with powerful vibration (and suction)! They originated as a tool that physicians used in the Victorian era on female patients who had bouts of "hysteria". Doctors assumed that women were afflicted by hormone related ailments such as cramps or heightened emotions that only manual stimulation could resolve. After it became a popular treatment, they streamlined it by creating vibrating motors that could do the job for them. Over time, these became one of the most popular "beauty and vitality products" marketed for non-medical use until they were openly advertised as sex toys.

Shegasm Pro Thrusting Suction Rabbit

Was $127.99  $88.99

You deserve to make personal pleasure a priority in your life, so don't settle for a run-of-the-mill rabbit vibrator. This unique, luxury pleasure tool provides internal and external ecstasy through 2 exciting functions! The clitoral stem features an opening that surrounds your sensitive little clit with pressurized pulses that create a suction sensation. Explore 7 settings of simulated oral sex. Meanwhile, the shaft will treat you to its delightful texture that massages you from within and, even better, 3 speeds of incredible thrusting! The ribs on the shaft phallus allow it to expand an inch to push deeper into you. Made of high-grade silicone, this vibrator is phthalate-free for the ultimate body-safe experience. Because it's waterproof and non-porous, it can be easily sanitized after use with mild soap or toy cleaner. Avoid use with silicone lubricants.


"Wow The Best Shegasm thrusting suction rabbit I've ever had or purchased. It's amazing. All you need to do is relax and let the rabbit do the rest. Like a rabbit it keeps going and going and going. I never experienced such long lasting pleasure. I highly recommend it and would purchase it again and again! Try it and tell friends if you enjoy it as much as I do!"

"Hands down THE BEST toy I’ve ever tried. Threw out my old vibrator. I came as soon as I tried it, it was insane! Quickest orgasm I’ve ever had. I’m in love! Don’t need my man anymore lol"

"Bought this for my wife and she had a full body shaking orgasm. It was so hot watching her shake and quiver. After she came she said, “OMG!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I WANT YOU TO F*CK MY BRAINS OUT!!!” So I did & she came again! Tip for all the guys… after your girl cums using the Shegasm have her go down on you she will go crazy wild!!"

Silicone Vibrating Bullet With Remote Control

Was $49.99  $34.99

Your standard bullet vibrator just got a lot more exciting! Perfect for couples play, or for more convenience during solo use, this vibrating toy's wireless controller gives you access to 4 levels of buzzing and 7 modes of pulsation... even from across the room! Wear it in the crotch of your panties or inside your body during foreplay in the bedroom, out on date night, or even to turn chores and errands into a naughty adventure. It's waterproof so that you can even enjoy an extra steamy shower. The sturdy cord allows you to easily remove it when you're done playing. Made of high-quality silicone, this pleasure tool is non-porous and phthalate-free. Use a mild soap or toy cleaner with warm water to clean after use, and avoid use with silicone lubricants


"Nice size and comfortable. The different intensities are great. Not too noisy. Nice fun time in public with remote controlled by my partner"

"My husband loves to make me use it when we go out. It's definitely a game in public...."

"Works very good both in and out of the vagina. Charges fast."

Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager

Was $56.99  $39.99

The Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager uses a comfortable head, flexible neck and powerful (yet quiet) motor to give you immense pleasure no matter where on your body you desire. The dial in the center of the massager's body allows you to easily choose from one of seven available speeds.


"Had a Hitachi before so I wasn't sure if it would come close. Love it!"

"Reach climax and orgasm multiple times. Very satisfied with various speeds"

"Very well constructed, speed is smooth my girlfriend loves it not heavy, very manageable"

Wand vibrators aren't just for women! Try out this item with a wand to take male masturbation to a whole new level!

The Hummingbird Masturbator Sleeve

Was $28.99  $19.99

Harness the incredible power of a wand massager to create pleasure-packed sensations during masturbation. This stroker attachment has nubs and ribs along the inside for additional stimulation. The firm material grips you for a humming massage with just the right amount of friction.


"Great fit and feeling. Easy to attach and use, even without the wand!"

"Wife bought this for me when she isn’t around. When it came she was so excited (and horny) that she had to use it on me right away. With some lube it slipped right on my penis, and when she turned on the wand ,Wow. I came in about a minute.She was so turned on, she put the wand head on her clot with the sleeve in her pussy about an inch and I penetrated her like that. We both came in about 30 seconds. Worth every penny!!"

"Very fun to use. I’ve enjoyed it since it arrived. I also love how easy it is to clean. Fits easily over my massager and I don't have to worry about it coming off during use. The material is soft against the skin and ridges and bumps feel great. Highly recommend it for anyone that has just been using a massager without an attachment. Obviously the stroke is to each their own but slow or fast the hummingbird is well worth it. I was skeptical about it at first but after trying it for myself it has quickly become a favorite."

Speaking of toys for men, one of the most popular sex toys for men is also the most popular on our site! Here are the top two penis pumps!

The Size Matters Beginners Penis Pump

Was $19.99  $13.99

The Size Matters Beginners Pump allows men to add more length and girth to their penis. With a larger penis, there can be more stimulating penetration and an overall increased enjoyment of sexual activity. Both the tubing and the sleeve are designed for maximum comfort during use. Simply place the penis into the tubing and pump until desired size is achieved.


"It works very well, don't hesitate to try it and the shipping process was awesome in no time."

"The suction was perfect. The pressure that was on my penis was perfect and the service was great. I love this pump."

"Works great, went from 8 inches to 15 inches. Nice suction, it fits really great air tight."

Pumping Master Multi-power Suction Penis Pump

Was $85.99  $59.99

Experience 5 suction settings as your penis gets bigger and bulges with rock-hard sensitivity. This pump includes a long cylinder with grooves for maintaining your grip and measurements along the side to keep track of your gains. No bulbs or hoses necessary - the automatic pump will cause pressure to build within the cylinder, easily managed by the plus and minus buttons. A light up display shows your tolerance as blood flow increases, engorging your penis and making it hypersensitive to every touch, suck, and thrust. When you've had enough, a pressure release valve will quickly free you from the vacuum.

The silicone sleeve of the cylinder helps to create a tight seal, but can be removed. Do not use with silicone lubricants.


"Excellent product..better than I thought..excellent suction and pressure. Definitely recommend it"

"One of the best pumps I ever had great love it use it every day I can’t tell you how many times"

"This thing is powerful! I have been pumping for 13 years and tried 4 different pumps, this is probably the best non-water pump I've used. The vacuum is strong, the battery lasts a really long time, and it couldn't be easier to use. Great value for the price, would recommend for anyone new to pumping!"


A classic sex toy whose origins go as far back as the stone age, dildos are toys shaped like a realistic penis and can range in size and shape when appealing to different fantasies. They are meant to penetrate anally or vaginally.

Dark Bareskin Dildo with Balls

Was $41.99  $29.99

The meaty girth of Bareskin Dildos are meticulously handcrafted to be as realistic as possible in both appearance and density. The perfect firmness is addicting to squeeze on, and the exclusive formula allows both water and silicone based lubricants to be used with little worry. The strong suction cup base makes solo use more convenient, and opens up the world of strap on play to you and your partner.

Jock Bareskin Dildos are made with a proprietary, low-density, super-soft and extremely realistic-feeling material that mimics but is more affordable than dual density dildos.


"First of all, this thing is very thick. I just thought that my other one was until I tried to insert this into my tight anal hole. It took a lot of lube and time to get it in. Once I did, WOW! It felt so good to be stretched. After about 15 minutes riding it, I cummed without touching myself. As far as length it was perfect as well. It hit the p-spot perfectly"

"This was the perfect thickness and length I was looking for, feels like real skin and is firm and flexible without being too soft."

"Bought this for my wife and she had a full body shaking orgasm. It was so hot watching her shake and quiver. After she came she said, “OMG!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I WANT YOU TO F*CK MY BRAINS OUT!!!” So I did & she came again! Tip for all the guys… after your girl cums using the Shegasm have her go down on you she will go crazy wild!!"

Butt Plugs

Designed to be inserted into the anus and provide a pleasurable feeling of fullness, stimulation or pressure. Several sensitive nerve endings are in the colon and anus and can be stimulated by wearing a plug. Additionally, for women who want double penetration, butt plugs serve as great ways for getting that extra pressure against their back wall!

Aria Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug

Was $28.99  $19.99

The Aria Vibrating Butt Plug is ready to give men and women deep anal pleasures. Let the sensations travel throughout your anal space. This plug is ideally sized for on-the-go use, as well.


"Easy to use for first timers. Good steady vibration, material is soft, durable, and cleans up easily. Overall good product."

"This is excellent. My wife has never had so many orgasms! Easy to use and easy to clean."

"I already have the smallest size but got this one to work my way up. Gives me that over the top sensation to make my orgasm more intense."

Cock Rings

These rings are placed at the base of the penis to help maintain an erection and enhance sensitivity in the shaft and scrotum. They are often used by men who have ED (erectile dysfunction) along with a penis pump to last longer, but they've become such a popular bedroom addition that men simply wear them to enhance sensitivity and last longer!

Universal Super-Stretch Cock Ring

Was $3.99  $2.99

Designed to fit practically any size, this cock ring allows men to maintain their erection for a longer period of time. This results in longer lasting sex and more pleasure for the man and his partner.


"Best one I’ve used"

"Greatly helps keep you hard, fits perfectly around my sack and penis. Definitely increases size and girth!!!"

"My second order. Works very well. I use it on my cock head as well as on the base . Both positions provide ample size hold when I use my pump. Takes a lot to break one and the cost is minimal."

Kegel Balls

Small weighted balls (also known as 'Ben Wa Balls') are inserted into the vagina to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These same muscles that get strengthened by holding the balls inside are also responsible for the contractions that occur during orgasm. So , along with adding some extra pressure and stimulation, they can enhance orgasm during sex too!

Trilogy Orgasm Kegel Balls

Was $12.99  $8.99

These weighted Kegel balls not only provide internal stimulation (while inside the vagina) but women, through muscle strengthening, can tighten their vagina. The balls are easily removable using a nylon release cord.


"Wife loved. These were our first kegel balls to own. Wife loved the feelin of the weight inside her. U will be well pleased, don't turn it down."

"Good for muscle strengthening (of course) or for some wowing pleasure play."


Prostate Massagers

These toys are designed specifically for men and provide prostate stimulation. By putting pressure on or massaging the prostate, many men intensify their orgasms. By milking the prostate, many men help shrink their prostate and increase the health of that gland as well as reduce risk of prostate cancer!

Mega Maverick 10X Rotating Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Was $78.99  $54.99

Your favorite prostate massager just got redesigned for even more intense prostate pleasure! This P-spot tool does more than just vibrate in your anus... it also gyrates! A motor in the new angular shaft and a motor in the nubbed perineal stem send powerful waves of pleasure into you while your hands are occupied elsewhere. Play with 3 levels of vibration, 4 rhythmic modes, and an additional 3 revolving functions. Your prostate will enjoy the pressure each time the bold rotating massager pushes against it.


"Feels awesome inside....the thick deep shaft and rotating head, plus all the speeds and motion configurations, give a very erotic and satisfying experience!!..I cannot get enough of this! ....I have tried others, but mega maverick gets it done!! an amazing stimulator!!!!"

"WOW. Just got this today not quit knowing what to expect....came HARD 3 times within an hour! Going back for more before the night is over."

"Hurts if you don’t warm up but once you get going, you will shoot the biggest load."

Male Masturbation Sleeves

Another classic sex toy, male masturbation sleeves (made popular by Fleshlights) are designed to simulate the feeling of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. The simplest versions are low-tech and let you use your hand to stroke your shaft with the toy wrapped around it. More high-tech versions have vibration, suction and warming features!

Sex Flesh Pussy Stroker

Was $13.99  $9.99

Men who want intense sensational pleasure on the shaft are going to love this SexFlesh Pussy Stroker! This stroker utilizes SexFlesh material that is pliable like real skin giving a lifelike feeling with every thrust. The stroker has a ribbed tunnel that stimulates the shaft with every stroke and an open end for easy cleanup.


"I bought this toy. It is a wonderful toy. It really feels like you are putting your dick into a tight pussy and inside of it feels like you are really in one. I would recommend this toy."

"My husband loves when I use this on him; said it feels like we are having a threesome haha."

"I got one of these a while back. Soo Nice! Buying another one for sure."

Clitoral Stimulators

There are about 10,000 nerve endings in the clitoris. Compare that to 4,000 nerve endings in the head of a penis and you may begin to understand why the clitoris is so sensitive… and why it needs its own toy! Clitoral stimulators offer suction or vibration to stimulate those nerves and add to powerful orgasms! They're great used solo or with a partner during penetration.

Shegasm Deluxe Clitoral Stimulator and Vibe

Was $85.99  $59.99

Coax yourself towards a colossal climax with a double-ended vibrator that provides two ways to experience sexual satisfaction. The small, circular tip comfortably surrounds the clitoris, using orgasmic suction technology for focused euphoria, thrumming and throbbing with 11 settings to choose from. The pin-pointed pleasure allows a massive orgasm to build up quickly as you savor the one-of-a-kind sensation. Turn the Shegasm Deluxe around to experience the vibrating capabilities of the shaft end. The smooth, seamless silicone will buzz against the sensitive outside of your vulva, or you can let it sink into your vagina for internal stimulation. Play with 3 speeds and 7 patterns to find what takes you over the edge. This quality material is non-porous and phthalate-free. Preserve by avoiding use with silicone lubricants. Clean after use with mild soap and warm water.


"I was a little skeptical with all of the five star reviews, this toy performs as advertised. My wife absolutely loved it. Multiple squirting orgasms to prove it. Shipping was quick and arrived very discreetly packaged. This is a quality toy and surprisingly quiet."

"Used this for the first time on my wife and she’s normally above average squirter and she soaked the bed sheets and sprayed all over me. I highly highly recommend this toy if you want your partner to squirt like a pornstar!"

"Being one of those that prefers the real thing versus an inanimate object, I must say, "Oh my f****** Jeebus." Fastest orgasm I've ever had with a toy, and my other half was just as shocked. I highly recommend this little bastard for some play time, especially with that clit action."

Nipple Clamps

Great for both men and women, nipple clamps attach to the area right above the nipple (the areola) and enhance sensitivity in the nipple. Many people claim that their orgasms are intensified by nipple stimulation and there are direct correlations between cervical orgasms and nipple play!

Adorn Triple Bead Nipple Clamps

Was $15.99  $10.99

These nipple clamps are built in a tweezer style and are decorated with three graduated silver balls. The adjustable clamps have a sliding ring that will allow you to modify the amount of pressure. The tips are coated with vinyl for comfort and a better grip. These beaded clamps are ideal for beginner or advanced nipple play.


"Love them! And the BF loved them too!"

"The adjustment is the star in the design. I was able to use a gentle touch when I wanted to. Then I secured them a bit more intensely…"

"It squeezes pretty tight if you go up to the highest setting… The weight is really nice and not too heavy for a beginner, but still substantial."

Bondage Gear

Want to get kinky? Bondage gear includes items such as handcuffs, restraints, and other equipment designed to restrain movement and mobility for the purpose of a BDSM scene. Being restrained can arouse people psychologically. It can also give those who have more full-body orgasms something to pull against so it enhances their pleasure during intense play!

Beginner Fleece Bed Restraints Kit

Was $28.99  $19.99

This kit is designed to turn your bed into a bondage playground. You'll get an H-shaped restraint system that will let you bound your partner by the wrists and ankles. The restraint kit is lightweight, yet durable, and uses soft fabric for comfortable, long-term wear. The cuffs close easily with Velcro and each strap is highly adjustable.


"Great replacement to rope and really do the trick"

"Works great and doesn't shift around under your mattress. Very comfortable for him and her."

"These restraints are incredible! Great quality for the price! Love them!"

Want to add an essential item to your toy list? Get yourself our best selling lubricant today!

Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant

Was $7.99  $4.99

The Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant is specially designed to make sex more enjoyable for all partners, by both making sexual penetration more smooth and enjoyable but also by helping women enhance upon their own personal lubrication.

Applying just a small portion of lube helps couples to worry about any friction or discomfort, which can lead to an ultimately satisfying sexual experience. Passion is petrochemical-free, glycerin-free and paraben-free.

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