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How sex furniture can help you have better sex.




Yeah, yeah. People can claim that anything makes sex better these days. But with sex furniture, it's pretty cut and dry. Want to try a new position? Sex furniture. Want to get a little kinky? Sex furniture. Not that flexible? Sex furniture. Disability? Sex furniture. Major height difference? Sex furniture. Want deeper penetration? Sex furniture. Want a stronger orgasm? Sex furniture!


Ranging from simple accessories to enormous additions to your home, these pieces not only help you get the job done, but also help you do it better!


Have easier, deeper, more powerful sex with a sex swing.





Probably the most recognizable piece of sex furniture, a sex swing typically hangs down from the ceiling or a stand, suspending one partner for better access, ease of movement, and more exciting sexual possibilities! Some swings are characterized by a number of straps that form a harness, while others (commonly referred to as sex slings) may utilize a hammock-style body support.


While sex swings may often be associated with BDSM, they are also a great addition to any relationship where mobility is an issue. A number of adjustable parts will give you the option of changing the height, as well, making it perfect for those couples who encounter sexual limitations due to differences in size.


With a sex swing, very little effort is necessary to achieve powerful thrusts, deeper penetration, and unusual positions. And yes, the addition of cuffs and the use of an impact play toy can make them perfect for BDSM play.


For those who aren't ready to give up space in their home, or prefer a more discreet option, "over-the-door" swings are easy to set up, but can be conveniently taken down and put away when not in use. While they don't provide the same range of motion, they are an exciting way to achieve greater access and deeper pleasure.


Go further than you thought possible with bondage furniture.




Interested in an easy way to spice things up? Add a piece of bondage furniture to your bedroom without having to take up any additional space! Bed restraints come in a variety of configurations, instantly transform your mattress into a dungeon floor and your partner into a sex slave. Any bondage requires a large degree of trust, and if done right, will reinforce that trust with greater intimacy. Furthermore, a shift in the power dynamic can awaken deeper sensual desires.


Forget about handcuffs on your headboard! That metal can hurt your wrists and ankles, whereas bed restraints have soft fabric cuffs that are comfortable and safe. Most wrap under the mattress, with adjustable straps that allow them to fit anything between a twin and a California King, but it's important to take note of measurements to be 100% sure that they will fit your bed.  When not in use, they can be discreetly tucked under your mattress so that no one finds out what sort of naughty fantasies you and your lover are acting out.


Reach hands free heaven with sex toy cushions & holders.




What if you're playing solo? Or maybe you want to put on a show for your partner! Toy cushions are perfect for those who enjoy the incredible power of a massage wand, prefer to have a hands-free experience, or prefer to be on top. "Grinders," in particular, will love being able to gyrate against the head of their wand.


But toy cushions aren't just great for wands, they can also make penetrative masturbation easier. Most cushions have at least one hole in them that allows you to insert a wand, dildo, or even a thrusting rabbit vibe! Without having to endure the wrist ache of holding your toy in place or thrusting it into you, your hands will be able to roam your body, stimulating other erogenous zones.


These cushions are easy to store in a closet or under a bed, but if you're looking for something even easier that can be kept in your nightstand, the Universal Wand Harness turns any pillow into a sex toy, allowing you to attach your wand vibrator.


Right there, don’t stop, keep going with sex straps.




Everybody can use positioning aids to help with leverage and positioning. Ranging from doggy style straps to inflatable pillows, these sex aids are ideal for those who want to experience new positions, but may not have the flexibility or endurance to do so comfortably. They can also help you reach the G-spot or P-spot more effectively for maximum pleasure.


While many may not explicitly be "furniture," they achieve a similar effect as a sex swing by providing better access and control, making acts that are usually difficult more manageable. Doggy style straps wrap around one partner's hips, while the other holds onto them for leverage, pulling back with every thrust. Thigh harnesses (also known as thigh slings) will pull one's legs back against their body and hold them there, leaving them exposed in a perfect position to target the P-spot or G-spot, while their hands are still free to roam their body or their partner's. On the other hand, some positioning aids (such as spreader bars) are designed for the opposite effect of freedom, utilizing cuffs to keep one partner exposed and restrained.


Still very easy to store discreetly, an inflatable position pillow helps you to comfortably experience penetration at the perfect angles for optimal pleasure. Handles provide stability to both partners in a number of different positions.


Bring your fantasies to life - from the pole to the bed.




Okay, so maybe even more recognizable than sex swings are dancer poles, otherwise referred to as stripper poles. I don't need to explain how or why these are such a staple in people's fantasies, but you should know how easy it is to bring those fantasies directly into your home.


Whether you only want to keep it up for the night before hiding it away, or whether you want to make it a fixture in your bedroom/living room/garage, a dancer pole is easy to set up and so fun to use. Imagine teasing or being teased by your partner, engaging in new roleplay scenarios, leading up to some unforgettable sex.


The pole stays in place for flirtatious dancing using tension similar to a shower rod. If you are planning on applying any weight during dance moves, make sure that the top of the pole has been screwed into a ceiling joist.


She’s in control with a queening stool.

A queening stool is not only a piece of furniture that is particularly popular with FemDom enthusiasts, it's also fantastic for masturbation or putting on a show for your lover. A sex stool, or queening stool, allows you the dual benefits of being able to mount a dildo to it and take a ride, or positioning yourself over your partner's face and taking a ride!


The comfort of the seated position creates a more enjoyable experience for the person receiving oral, while the person delivering it will also be more comfortable in a laying down position, allowing a more lengthy experience. The space between the springy seat straps is left open for the genitalia and, due to the seated position, the pelvic floor muscles will be relaxed downward, exposing the anus and vagina for better access. Both women and men (kinging!) can straddle the seat and bounce up and down on a dong, or relax while their partner feasts!


Easy cleanup for messy play.




An inflatable massage bed is the solution for an endless amount of messy fantasies. Maybe you never engaged in them before because you didn't want to ruin the sheets or have to explain to the housekeeper what those stains on the carpet were.


Ever wanted to have a lube wrestling match? How about with chocolate syrup? Do you like to play with your food? What about something a little dirtier?


Whatever your "thing" is, you can let it out and keep it contained within the sexual oasis of your inflatable bed. You can get as wet and messy as you want. You can enjoy any kind of play in the middle of your bedroom, and when you're done, clean up is so easy that you won't hesitate to take it out again and indulge your desires whenever you want!

Get the stability, comfort & positions you deserve with a sex bench.




Last but not least is, one of the bulkier, but most useful and enjoyable pieces of sex furniture: the fuck bench, sex bench, or punishment bench.


Great for deep, comfortable sex. Even better for BDSM! The sex bench has comfortable padding for the torso, forearms, shins, and face, with a cut-out that ensures that moans, groans, and gasps won't be muffled. The heights of the arms and legs are adjustable to that it can be customized to the perfect fit.


Optional straps can be used to keep your lover restrained while you have your way with their body, punishing and pleasing them as both of your fantasies are brought to life. They'll be in the perfect position for a spanking session or a little anal play.


When you're done with foreplay and ready for penetration, the sex bench creates a position that allows deeper thrusts with more power behind them. Thanks to the increased comfort of both partners, there's no rush to the finish line.


Sex furniture supports a more adventurous sex life - literally.

The investment, however big or small, is in your relationship and satisfaction. Whether assistance is necessary for comfortable sex, or you're just looking for a little more excitement, sex furniture will offer you both benefits. With such a wide range of options, it's easy to find exactly what you need to stoke the flames between you and your partner.


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