This premium enema kit is designed to offer convenience, ease of use, premium materials. The kit includes a stainless steel bucket and silicone enema nozzle accessories. The double balloon enema nozzle features inner and outer balloons to keep it securely in place, during use. The bucket is designed to not only hold your liquid of choice, but it can be positioned much easier (think having it sit on the floor or hanging by a handle) so you can focus on the enema play.

Premium Cleansing Kit with Bucket and Nozzle Kit Contents:

  • (1) Stainless steel enema bucket with hose
  • (1) Double balloon enema nozzle accessory
  • (1) Thin Tip nozzle accessory

    Specs: Premium Cleansing Kit with Bucket and Nozzle

  • Size: Bucket: 6.25 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide, holds approximately 2 quarts; Nozzle: 17.5 inches in total length; Large bulb: 5 inches in length, 3 inches max diameter inflated; Small bulb: 1.75 inches in length, 2 inches max diameter inflated
  • Material: Stainless steel, silicone, rubber
  • Color: Grey
  • Designed to offer a high quality enema experience
  • Bucket can be easily positioned anywhere you need it