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Ass Vault Locking Anal Expander

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Metal Petals to Please and Trap You!

Use this Ass Vault Locking Expander to stretch your hole and play with extremes! Made out of durable, nickel-free, stainless steel, it's built to last! When the petals are folded in and contracted, the smooth tapered tip slips in effortlessly to your backdoor. If you yearn for deep, expanding pressure in your derriere, you'll love the expanding petals feature that lets you dilate the petals so they open up just to the degree you want them to, and you can lock the in place using the gold locking pin and flat key. This lets you get used to bigger sizes and can even hit your A-spot or P-spot! Introduce some temperature play, too! Since this steel plug is made of metal, you can run hot or cold water over it before insertion. Use with any lubricant you like. It is non-porous and easy to clean. Simply boil it in water or use toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol after washing with warm water and mild soap. Make sure to keep the key and pin nearby and don't lose them! It's very hard to remove the plug once it has expanded.

Run warm or cool water over the metal plug to include temperature play and give it a nice rinse. A warm plug will help relax the sphincter while a cold one will be more surprising and cause some tension. Start with the plug in a contracted position, petals closed. Use plenty of lube and slip the tip into your hole. Once inside, use the circular flat key to expand the metal petals; only expand the petals to the degree that is comfortable and don't force it! Once you get the petals open to the degree you desire, use the gold pin locking key to keep it in place so it doesn't contract again until you let it. Make sure not to lose either key or you won't be able to remove the plug once expanded! If the plug is used on someone with female anatomy, pay attention to her vulva as you insert your fingers or hand inside of her vagina and massage. Feel for the pressure of the metal petals from the other side of the thin, vaginal wall and find ways to stimulate her from both sides! If you have someone with male anatomy, stroke their rod and give them head as they enjoy the pressure from the plug! Or, for either body type, make them do your bidding, serving you until you release them from this expanding anal vault!

  1. Insert flat key into rectangular opening at base of plug.
  2. Turn clockwise to close the plug.
  3. Turn counter-clockwise to expand the plug.
  1. Use the flat key to align the keyholes on the base of the plug.
  2. Insert gold locking pin all the way into the keyhole.
  3. Turn key clockwise to lock.
  4. Pull out key.
  1. Insert key into keyhole.
  2. Turn key counter-clockwise to unlock gold locking pin.
  3. Pull out key with gold locking pin.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Anal Plug: This plug is non-porous, nickel-free, stainless steel. Built to last and loved by all serious anal enthusiasts!
  • Expanding Petals: The petals expand or close to widen and stretch your hole with a turn of the flat circle key. Contract the petals before removing.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Use the key with the gold locking pin to lock the plug in place. Keep it expanded or closed to the degree you choose.
  • Tapered Tip and Slim Neck: The tapered tip helps with insertion and the slim neck and wide base keep it safely and securely inside without going past the sphincter.
  • Ass Vault Locking Anal Expander Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 3.4 inches. Insertable length: 2.8 inches. Plug expands from 1.5 inches to 2.2 inches in diameter.

    Plug alone weighs 9.3oz (264g)

    Materials: Stainless steel

    Color: Metal

    Note: For safety reasons, do not misplace or lose the gold pin and locking key or the flat circular expander key. Device is difficult to remove if the petals are expanded.
    Ass Vault Locking Anal Expander
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