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Breast Cupping System

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This easy-to-use pumping set allows you to experience increased sensitivity and engorgement on your own or with a partner! Place each large cup against your breast area, creating a tight seal with the rubber ring. Attach the white end of the tubing to your handpump, and the green end to the tip of the cup. Pulling the trigger on the pump will create pressure that will suction your tit into the cup. Once you've reached your maximum comfort level, the tubing may be removed and your flesh will remain vacuumed within the cup. When you're ready release the pressure, push the green tip and remove the cup. At this point, your breast will still be temporarily swollen and sensitive, providing new stimulation opportunities as you play with your boobies.

Breast Cupping System details:

  • Measurements: Cups are 4.25 inches in inner diameter, 4.75 inches in depth. Tubing is 20.5 inches in length.
  • Material: ABS plastic.
  • Note: Includes two large cups, hand pump, tubing, and an extra tip system.
Breast Cupping System
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