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CB6000S Black Chastity Cage Kit

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A Cage of Desire

Feel secure and safely locked up in this medical grade polycarbonate chastity cage designed specifically for long term wear. The cum-thru tip makes it easy to urinate without any mess. The ventilated sides make it easy to clean and also improve hygiene by creating ventilation so that your goods end up fully dry.

Get locked up temporarily or long term by using either one of the 2 brass locks or switch to one of the 5 numbered plastic locks that are perfect for travel because they won’t set off any metal detectors or alarms during TSA checks.

To get the device on, use your favorite water based lube to help with slipping it onto the shaft. Use the spacers and pins to adjust for the perfect fit, and then have your key holder lock you safely away! Wash with warm water and mild antibacterial soap.

Key Features

  • Medical Grade Polycarbonate Cage: The medical grade polycarbonate is durable, lightweight, and designed with a cum-thru tip for easy urination and ventilated sides for easy cleaning and to hygiene.
  • Brass and Plastic Locks: The kit comes with a choice of 2 brass locks and 5 numbered plastic locks. Use the plastic locks for travel or when going through TSA or any other metal detectors. THe brass locks or meant for long-term use.
  • Spacers and Pins: The kit includes spacers and pins that help you adjust for the perfect length and fit.
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  • CB6000S Black Chastity Kit Specs:

    Measurements: Cage Length: 2.05 inches, Inner Diameter: 1.38 inches

    U-Ring sizes: #1-5 (#1: 2 inches, #2:1.88 inches, #3: 1.75 inches, #4: 1.63 inches, #5: 1.05 inches)

    Color: Black

    CB6000S Black Chastity Cage Kit
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