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Cuffed Locking Bracelet and Key Necklace

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Rose Gold

Classic Cuff and Necklace for Couples

Really impress your partner with a gift that is unique and meaningful. Any Dominant and submissive couple will love this Cuffed Locking Bracelet and Key Necklace. This gorgeous tungsten steel set is perfect for couples who want to show off their Dominant and submissive relationship in a subtle and stylish way! Cuff your partner instead of collaring them with this locking bracelet. The cut-out key hangs from the center of a dog-tag style necklace that the Dominant wears. It locks the heart-shaped lock on the cuff. There are two shining rhinestones set on either side of the lock and the wearer can keep it on long-term for as long as the Dominant partner keeps them bound. It provides an alternative to a collar and can be worn proudly in public without anyone questioning the true meaning of these symbols. The Dominant partner wears the dog tag as a keyholder and the submissive partner wears the cuff-style bracelet instead of a collar. The tungsten steel is strong, scratch-resistant and nickel-free. Give them a special gift they'll adore forever!

Key Features

  • Necklace and Bracelet Set: The bracelet has a heart-shaped lock and rhinestones set into the metal while the dog-tag style necklace is on a 19 inch chain and has the key hanging from the center of it.
  • Scratch Resistant: This rose-gold set is scratch resistant and made from nickel-free , durable, tungsten steel.
  • Discreet D/s: Wear a symbol of Dominance and submission without alerting anyone of the jewelry's true meaning in public.
  • MS Cuffed Locking Bracelet & Key Necklace Specs:

  • Bracelet inner diameter: 2.35 inches x 1.84 inches, 6.25 inches in circumference.
  • Necklace length: 19 inches.

    Materials: Tungsten steel, rhinestones

    Color: Available in rose gold or silver
  • Cuffed Locking Bracelet and Key Necklace
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