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Dark Pecker Dick Drip Candle

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Ignite the Flames of Desire with this Sexy Dick Candle!

Key Features:

  • Paraffin Wax : This wax moisturizes the skin where it lands, giving the skin a little extra protection.
  • Unscented : The candle is unscented so it is perfect for those who are sensitive to smells.
  • Low Melting Point : The wax won’t get too hot which reduces the chances of burning the skin.
  • Perfect Gift : Great present for that special someone, also perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties, anniversaries, etc.

  • Designed with the shape of the penis, this candle is unscented and made with paraffin wax that moisturizes the skin. Ideal for sensual souls to have sexy play in the bedroom. The low melting point means that the wax is ready to use faster, and the wax will be cooler, reducing the chance of burns.

    Light the candle and set the mood. Drip hot wax on your lover’s body and you can massage it on their body. Unscented for people who are sensitive to smell. Be sure to drip these wax candles 3 feet away from the body to prevent unintended burns, and always blow out the candle before beginning the drip!

    To clean up, simply peel or wipe the cooled wax off their body or any surface and use body wash on your skin to clean the wax off. Moisturize afterwards to keep your skin happy.

    Spicy Pecker Dick Drip Candle Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 7.3 inches. Overall width: 3.4 inches.

    Materials: Paraffin wax

    Color: Black, Purple, Rainbow, Red

    Note: Melting temperature is between 136-140˚ F (58-60˚ C)
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