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Double Balloon Enema Nozzle

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Give yourself or your partner a high-quality fill-up with the Double Enema Balloon Nozzle. Just place the nozzle deep inside the anus (including the first balloon). Once inserted, inflate both balloons which, in turn, creates an external and internal seal. Now, go ahead and fill him or her up with your favorite liquid (up to 3500ml). With a nice seal, the liquid will stay inside for as long as you desire. The tube measures approx. 16" in length and .5" in diameter. The larger balloon can expand up to 11.25" in circumference, while the smaller balloon expands to 9.5" in circumference.

Material: Silicone (Tubing), Chrome Plated Brass (Valves) and Latex (Pumps)

Note: Inflation devices can be harmful if improperly used. Please consult with an expert before use.

Double Balloon Enema Nozzle
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