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E-Stim Baton

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Like Lightning Kissing Their Skin

Turn any scene into something truly electrifying! With this E-stim baton you can combine electrostimulation with impact play! This tool gives you 360 degrees of electrostimulation so you can correct your submissive from any angle. The handle is easy to grip and weighted for balance and use. Enjoy a multitude of ways that you can excite and shock your partner with this versatile tool! Made out of zinc alloy and ABS plastic, it is nickel-free and phthalate-free for sensitive bodies to enjoy. Choose between two different levels of intensity as you tease and excite your partner. Along the sides of the baton the electricity is spread out and less intense. At the top are two round circles of metal that deliver a more intense, pinpoint sensation. Play safe and don't use e-stim near the heart, head or on anyone with a pacemaker.

You're playing the cop and they're the robber, but this isn't a game for kids. They're tied up and shackled to a spanking horse. Ball gag in their mouth and blindfolded, they never see the strikes coming. That makes it so much more fun… to keep them guessing! As you wield your new tool, you strike them on their thigh, then tap them on their hip. You run the shock-filled, electrified tip along their skin and they moan in pain. Then you give them ten, firm strikes across their buttocks until they stop moaning. As they pant, trying to catch their breath, you take the gag out of their mouth. "Are you ready for more?" you ask, a grin on your face. It's good to check in with your sub and torment them as well. They respond with a hoarse voice, "Yes please, I can take more. Thank you!" You return to your work and give them a blend of shock and impact until there's tears running down their face and they have earned their release.

Key Features

  • E-Stim at Any Angle: This baton emits electrostimulation in all 360 degrees across the rod so you can shock your partner while placing any part of the baton on their bare skin except for the handle.
  • Pinpoint Stimulation: Two round metal points located at the tip allow for pinpoint stimulation that delivers a more powerful shock.
  • Two Levels of Stimulation: Choose between high or low intensity.
  • Rechargeable and Nickel-Free: Use the USB cable to recharge between uses. All metal is nickel-free and body-safe.
  • E-Stim Baton Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 17.25 inches. Overall width: 1.1 inches.

    Materials: ABS plastic, zinc alloy

    Color: Black

    Note: Keep away from water. Not recommended to use e-stim products on the chest or with partners who have pacemakers.
    E-Stim Baton
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