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E-stim Remote System

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Electric Stimulation at a Distance!

This handy E-Stim system allows you to plug in your favorite electro stimulation toy and control it via the included wireless remote controller! Free up your E-stim scene and play anywhere you like at a distance of up to 109 yards (100 meters) and introduce some new scenery to your electro stimulation fun. The included control box features a handy belt loop so you or your partner can keep it close, while the other holds on to the wireless keyfob controller. The player with the controller can easily keep it hidden and control every function of the control box!

Choose from 10 different modes: Motion sense (high or low sesitivity), Audio sense (high or low sensitivity), fire, flo, pulse, train, torment, and tease. When using the audio or motion sense mode, the control box translates sound and motion into electric sensation! Beginners worry not, the E-stim Remote System comes with a training mode that limits intensity to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. Play at the lowest setting and level up your tolerance to the mythical 100% power setting!

The nifty learning mode programmed into this system allows you to control multiple receivers to work with one control fob, or multiple control fobs to work with one receiver - expand your horizons and get creative!

Everything you need to get started is included: a sturdy carrying case, PP3 battery, 4 adhesive electrode pads, remote control keyfob, power box, and 3.5mm to 2mm/TENS output cable.

Key Features

  • Shock at a Distance: The handheld keyfob remote is effective up to 109 yards, allowing you to switch through each function and intensity. The control box even features a nifty belt clip so you or your partner can play outside!
  • Sound and Motion Sensitivity: Featuring motion and audio detectors that triggers the control box to send sensation when there is movement or sound. The audio setting includes a low and high sensitivity mode to convert a variety of sounds into electric love!
  • 27 output levels: Choose from 10 different modes - Motion (high and low sensitivity, Audio (high and low sensitivity), Fire, Flo, Pulse, Train, Torment, and Teese. Each mode features 7 adjustment levels for even more customization
  • Training Modes Available: Beginners and Experts alike will appreciate the 4 levels of power (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% intensity). Train your way up to the highest intensity and enjoy a screaming good time
  • Learning Mode: Each transmitter works with a single receiver, but with the learn function, multiple keyfobs can communicate with one receiver, or multiple receivers controlled with one keyfob
  • Designed and Built by Experts: Crafted in the UK with high standards of quality for a long lasting, dependable e-stim package made to last. Lifetime Guarantee provided by E-Stim Systems in the UK.
  • E-stim Remote System Specs:

    Measurements: Power Unit : 4.4 inches x 2.6 inches x 1.6 inches (112mm x 65mm x 41mm), Keyfob : 1.3 inches x 2.3 inches x 0.3 inches (33mm x 59mm x 8mm)

    Weight: Plastic Power Unit : 146g, Keyfob : 17g

    Supplied Accessories: Key fob Transmitter with battery, PP3 Battery, 3.5mm to 2mm/TENS output cable, 4 Self Adhesive Electrode Pads, Protective Carry Case and a Quick User guide.

    Output Waveform: BiPhasic current limited pulsed AC with Dynamic waveforms

    Channels/Outputs: Radio Controlled Single Channel, via 3.5mm mono socket

    Controls: Power Unit: Power On/Off, Learn Select. Key Fob: Up, Down, Adjust and Fire

    Operating Modes: 10, Fire, Continuous, Pulse, Motion and Training with 27 output levels and 7 levels of adjustment in each mode.

    Display: High Brightness LED's indicating Power On, Output and Receiver Activity as well as the new Status bar

    Radio Specification: Keyloc Digitally encoded 433Mhz

    Materials: Plastic, wire, metal and assorted materials

    Color: Black

    Note: Lifetime Guarantee included! All products are made in the UK. For your safety, please play below the waist! Use of e-stim above the hips and near the heart or chest can cause serious medical issues or heart failure.
    E-stim Remote System
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