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Equine Silicone Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps

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Enjoy parading your partner using this dual featured silicone bit gag and nipple clamp. Use the adjustable strap to secure the bit gag into your partner's mouth. The back closes with a standard rolling buckle, and accepts a padlock for extra security. Add extra intensity with the addition of two connector chains that house alligator nipple clamps. Each clamp can be individually adjusted, making them ideal for varied pressure play. Vinyl coated tips make for comfort and a secure grip, and screw lets you easily control the tightness.

Specs: Equine Silicone Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps

  • Size: Adjustable between 16 and 24 inches in circumference, bit measures 5 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter
  • Material: Silicone, metal, vinyl
  • Color: Black
  • Visually showcase your partner with the bit gag and nipple clamps
  • You can apply individual pressure to each clamp
  • Lifting your partner's head (voluntarily or involuntariily) will result in a tug on the clamps
  • Equine Silicone Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps
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