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Fetish Hood with Horns

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A Devilish Character

Create a different scene tonight! With this Bondage Hood with Horns you can dress up as the devilish, dangerous or deviant character you want to! Made of PU leather, this faux leather hood is vegan friendly and easy to clean. Cinch it up tight in the back for a secure and adjustable fit by using the corset-like closure and pulling the laces snug! The soft, inner lining of the hood is gentle against the skin and makes wearing it for long scenes, parties or events easy and comfortable. Taking care of it is easy, too! Even after going out and working up sweat, you can still wash the hood after each use by putting it in the washing machine! It is machine washable on a cold setting and can be hung to dry.

Your outfit is almost complete and you look devious and dashing; there's just one more thing and that's the horned, bondage hood! You slip it over your head and it frames your eyes and shows off your mouth and jaw. The devilish horns on the top automatically enhance the mischievous and wicked nature of your character! You pull the laces snug in the back to adjust the fit of the hood until it feels comfortable and form-fitting to your face. Will you be the mystery man or woman of the night? What role will you play in the events to come?

Key Features

  • PU Leather Horned Hood: This PU leather hood is faux leather and vegan friendly. Dress up as a devious, dungeon demon with a mask that covers all but your eyes and mouth with horns on top to add a devilish spin to it!
  • Corset-Like Closure: Adjust for comfortable fit with the corset-style closure in the back. Simply lace it up and give it a tug!
  • Soft Inner Lining: The soft inner lining of this hood is perfect for those who wish to wear the hood for longer durations and want a softer touch against their skin.
  • Machine Washable: Make your life easy and get gear that can be easily washed! This hood can be put in the washing machine after wearing on a cool cycle and hung dry!
  • Fetish Hood with Horns Specs:

    Measurements: Overall: 8.5 inches long x 10.5 inches wide.

    Materials: PU leather

    Color: Black

    Note: One size fits most
    Fetish Hood with Horns
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