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Fever Hot Wax Candle (Red)

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Low Melting Point Moisturizing Wax Candle for a Romantic Night

  • Drip Hot Red Love: Glaze your partner with gobs of red hot sensation! A BDSM classic built for heated sensation to make your partner squirm under the heat for your enjoyment
  • Low Melting Point: Melts at a tolerable 122 degrees farenheit to prevent discomfort; drip from at least 3ft away to allow the wax to cool as it falls
  • Mildly Scented: Formulated with a mild scent so you can play without an overpowering aroma to distract you
  • Tin Case: Feel the heat in your hands to judge the temperature with ease thanks to the tin casing, drip when you think the temperature is just right for your sub

  • Envelop yourself in the warmth of this Fever Red Hot Wax Candle. The low melting point of this paraffin wax candle keeps the melted wax from getting too hot for your subs body. The light scent relaxes your lover's entire body while the paraffin wax formula slightly moisturizes their skin.

    Light this candle up and set up the mood for seduction and romance. Give your sub a relaxing massage and let them enjoy the sensual feel of hot wax on the skin. Prepare for a whole new level of sensory titillation on a kinky night and give your sub a treat that they’ll never forget!

    Fever Red Hot Wax Candle Specs:

    Measurements: 2 inch length, 2.6 inch width, 2.6 inch height

    Materials: Paraffin Wax, Tins

    Color: Red

    Note: Paraffin wax melting temperature 122 degress Farenheit, 50 degerees Celsius

    Keywords: Wax dripping, red candle, BDSM classic, mild scent, extreme sensation play, heat
    Fever Hot Wax Candle (Red)
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