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Flame Drippers Wax Play Candle Set

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Cast a Magic Spell on Your Sub with this Trio of Nourishing Drip Candle!

Give your lover some romantic ambiance with this Flame Drippers Drip Candle Set. This trio of candles is made from paraffin wax with a low melting point of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for erotic massage and dripping on your lover’s flesh for some hot sensation.

Fire things up with this candle set with glass containers, ideal for beginners to explore the wax play world and great for BDSM experts to enhance the thrill of a lover’s touch. The light scent and silky feel help release stress and tension, also moisturize the body.

Be sure to drip these wax candles 3 feet away from the body to prevent unintended burns, and always blow out the candle before beginning the drip! Allow it to cool ever so slightly before dripping onto your partner, and be sure to communicate proper safe words and dripping frequency to ensure maximum sensory enjoyment!

Flame Drippers Drip Candle Set Specs:

Measurements: Height is 2.5 inches, 2 inches in diameter

Materials: Paraffin wax, glass (container)

Color: Black, Purple, Red

Melting Temperature: 122 degrees Farenheit, 50 degrees Celsius; Hold 3 feet away from body to drip wax, blow out flame before pouring
Flame Drippers Wax Play Candle Set
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