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Kingpin Stainless Steel Glans Ring

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Adorn Your Dong!

When you wear this Kingpin Glans Ring on your mighty rod, you're not only improving the look of your dong, you're also enhancing sensation in the head! This temperature-sensitive, open and adjustable ring fits perfectly on the head of your shaft, right below the corona. The pressure enhances sensation as it keeps the blood in the tip. Made out of nickel-free, stainless steel it is body-safe and long-lasting. The curved arms have unique designs on the metal that both you and your partner will enjoy! Do not use it during anal or you risk losing the ring! To clean, simply wash with mild soap and water. Works well with intact and circumcised men.

Rub lube on your shaft and then slide the ring right over your head. Place it right at the corona, at the ridge of your head where it's most sensitive. Squeeze or stretch open the ring for a perfect fit. As you stroke yourself, you'll notice an increase in pressure and the head of your shaft getting hard and shiny. Your partner sees your throbbing, shining head. It catches the dim light and as they touch their tongue to the tip a drop of cum escapes you, making it shine even more. They slide their lips around your rod and see how deep they can get you inside of them. The thick spit covers your dick and they begin to mount you. As you feel them tightening around your shaft, your head is already nearly exploding with pleasure!

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel: Enjoy quality material with this nickel-free, stainless steel glans ring.
  • Targeted Pressure: The ring presses against the sensitive corona along the rim of the head making it sensitive and hard.
  • Shared Sensation: Your partner will also enjoy the extra stimulation from the texture of this ring!
  • Open Ring: The ring is open so you can slightly adjust the tightness for custom pressure and fit.

MS Kingpin Stainless Steel Glans Ring Specs:

Measurements: 24 mm:

Overall: 1.2 inches Length x 1.2 inches Width.

Inner diameter: 24mm.

Measurements: 30 mm:

Overall: 1.4 inches Length x 1.5 inches Width.

Inner diameter: 30mm.

Materials: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Note: Do not bend the ring too much or it will weaken the metal.

Kingpin Stainless Steel Glans Ring
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