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Latex Vacuum Bed

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For the most intense bondage experience possible, nothing beats using this Latex Vacuum Bed. With proper use, you and your partner will experience heightened sensations during a session of BDSM.

You'll vacuum the air from between 2 layers of 14 gauge latex. This will prevent the person inside from being able to move. The black latex shine, after "shrink-wrapping" your partner will make an incredible, erotic display.

Package Contents:

With the Latex Vacuum Bed, you'll receive

  • 1.5" PVC frame (the holes are pre-drilled along the inside to spread the force of the vacuum).
  • One 14-gauge latex sack, with a zipper that runs along the side and fits snuggly over the PVC frame.
  • A reinforced hole for the vacuum cleaner attachment. A reinforced hole is also placed close to the top for breathing.

Note: The vacuum bed measures 74" long and 35.5" wide.

How to Use:

  • Place your partner inside the vac bed. Make sure that they can breathe sufficiently through the drilled hole provided.
  • Close the vac bed using the zipper that runs the length of the side.
  • Attach the vacuum cleaner to the connector at the bottom (note that the 1.5" PVC connector fits most common vacuum cleaners). Turn on the vacuum and let the air be completely removed from the bed.
  • Keep a constant watch and make sure that your partner is safe and comfortable.
  • Should a mouth gag be used, make sure it's a style of gag that allows the mouth to be open.
  • Note: Never leave the bed unattended or attempt to use the bed on your own.

Shipping Notice: Due to the size of this product, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

Latex Vacuum Bed
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