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Leather Flogger with Stainless Steel Handle

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Grasp hold of the heavy hilt and take aim at your plaything's hindquarters. Savor the sound of the swishing falls cutting through the air, their heavy thwack against supple flesh, and the moans, groans, shouts, and whimpers of your masochistic partner. Wrap the loop around your wrist for extra security while you swing, and use it for hanging storage when not in use. The weighted steel handle is exactly what total control looks and feels like: both sophisticated and sturdy. The long falls are exactly what your plaything craves against their desperate skin.

Leather Flogger with Stainless Steel Handle specifications:

  • Measurements: 31 inches in total length with 22 inch falls
  • Material: Leather, steel
Leather Flogger with Stainless Steel Handle
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