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Sex Pillow Set

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The Right Support Goes A Long Way!

It's time to bring back passion to the bedroom! With these high density foam wedges you can open the door to countless new possibilities! With a velvety cover that gently caresses your bare skin, you can entice your partner to try new positions that just weren't as comfortable before! With one large and one small wedge you can arrange them in countless ways that help you hit that sweet spot like never before! Cushion your knees, elbows, wrists, hands, and more! Elevate your play by using the wedges not only as cushioning but as bolsters that support your hips, back, head and body so you can lift yourself or your partner up! Play with confidence! Not only are you supported like never before, you can let loose and get wet and wild, too! The inner layer is water-resistant so it can protect the foam pillow from getting wet. After play, simply throw the machine washable covers into the washing machine on a cool setting.

You may end up using these wedges differently each time! These comfortable pillows are versatile and designed to be used to support your daily needs, even if those needs change. You can place the large pillow flat against a bed, couch or the floor. Choose somewhere that is comfortable for you and your partner to play on but that needs more cushion. Lay back against the tilted large wedge and place the small wedge beneath your head for more neck support. You can look your lover in the eyes as you enjoy being face-to-face. Bring the small wedge beneath your hips with the pointed end under your pelvis to support your hips. This can help level the pillows to a more horizontal position. Face down on the large wedge and use the small wedge beneath your hips so your booty is up and your knees are supported for a version of Doggy style pose. You can also drape your body over the large wedge for a different angle and use the small wedge to support your chest or head as you bend forward. The pillows can be used together or separately. One of you can use the large pillow and the other can use the small. Or combine them to put your partner in the perfect position for satisfying oral pleasure that you both can enjoy!

Key Features

  • High Density Foam: This foam keeps its shape and supports your body weight without you sinking into the pillow.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed to support countless positions so you can get the most out of your sensual play!
  • Dual Layer Covers: The outer cover is soft against the skin and the inner cover is water-resistant so the foam stays mildew and moisture-free.
  • Machine Washable: Easily wash your pillows after play by machine washing them after each use.

Love Cushion Set Specs:

  • Measurements: Small cushion: 13.75 inches Length x 19 inches Width x 6.5 inches Height Large cushion: 29.5 inches Length x 19 inches Width x 10 inches Height
  • Materials: Velvet, PU foam, nylon, resin (zipper)
  • Color: Red
  • Note: Machine wash on cold for best results so the material does not melt, singe or overheat. Consider air-drying if your dryer runs hot.

Sex Pillow Set
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