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The Lover's Strap

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Versatile Sex Strap

Make your wild adventures even more sexy with this Lover's Strap! Easily pull their derriere back while in Doggy pose for a powerful pounding! Enjoy flipping them on their back and getting deeper penetration with their legs up! Made out of durable nylon and padded with soft polyester, this strap is the perfect addition to your bedroom gear! Using the strap is so much easier than grabbing them around the waist or trying to hold onto their hips. It's great for anyone who has trouble grabbing and holding onto things with their hands or reaching around a larger partner. Flip them on their back and have them put their legs up so their hips are open so you can penetrate them even deeper! With the padded part around the back of their neck, their feet in the loops like stirrups, they will be wide open to receive you and you can easily hit their G-spot or P-spot! Not only does it enhance sex, it relieves them from the fatigue of having to hold their legs up! The nylon straps are durable and strong so they can handle each tug and pull. The straps are super easy to adjust for a perfect length! Keeping them clean is easy, too! They are machine washable after each use or you can spot clean as necessary.

Key Features

  • Padded and Soft: The straps have a thick, padded section that overlaps the nylon and is comfortable and soft against your bare skin.
  • Pose Enhancing: Helps enhance Doggy Style and can also be used wrapped around the neck with the handles around the feet for deeper penetration.
  • Durable Nylon: Strong and flexible so you can move your partner's body around.
  • Adjustable and Machine Washable: Easily adjust the straps for different poses and bo

    Lover's Strap Specs:

  • Doggy strap: 20 inches Length x 5.75 inches Width.
  • Handles adjust from 12 inches to 23 inches in length.

    Materials: Polyester, nylon, ABS plastic

    Color: Black
  • The Lover's Strap
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